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Nome Robin Upton
Località Bangladesh
Lavoro Permaculture
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Utente da April 5, 2013
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I got started with extention development in 2011 with Wikipedia+. After a couple of years of gradually tinkering with this and smoothing off rough patches in the code, I decided to submit it to the Mozilla site for a wider audience.

I'm now looking at making a thunderbird plug-in to facilitate an Email based internet gift economy.

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WikipediaPlus Riavvio richiesto

It monitors your browsing and silently checks for matching pages from other sites of interest. Where it detects a matching page (either by URL or by page title), it notifies you so that such pages are only a click away. NB: A NON-WIKIPEDIA PROJECT.

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Extension Auto-Installer

Works Like A Charm Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

A real time (and wrist) saver. Recommended to all extension developers. I would quite likely never have made mine without it.

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