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Utente da June 16, 2011
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Adblock Plus

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I can't say enough wonderful things about this add-on. It frees me from not only the various annoying banners, but all forms of ads. It also gets rid of the placeholders, which many adblockers either don't do, or don't do automatically. It even remarkably makes 4oD completely bearable since there are so many ads in the videos, which tend to freeze and stutter to the point where it takes more than five minutes to get through five ads.

I've used Firefox for years and this is the one add-on that I truly cannot live without.

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Please, please fix the bugs. Assegnate 3 su 5 stelle

The theme's version compatibility has been updated, but the theme itself has not been. Since Firefox 6 there have been missing icons in the addon menu, and because of Mozilla's new way of handling code, the theme breaks when viewing plugin content. There is a fix, but the theme author hasn't applied it.

I have tried so many other themes and have not been satisfied so I keep coming back to this one in desperate hope that it'll be properly updated. I don't want to go back to Firefox 5 just so I can use this theme properly. Please fix it.

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Ffox New Theme

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All black, a lot of missing icons and so unusable that it's a guessing game on getting to the add-on manager to remove it. I'm on Win7 x64 in Firefox 7.0.1.

TT DeepDark

Amazing theme Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle

This theme made me switch to Thunderbird in the first place, but I don't like the newest "design improvement". I'm an Aero addict, and I thought it was absolutely perfect (and worth the donation) before the Aero was removed to provide better readability (I was able to read it fine before.) I can't even seem to find 1.3.1 to revert back and I'm rather disappointed in that fact. If I could at least have a choice, that would be wonderful. The Aero is most definitely missed though. :(

Update: Since I can't seem to reply to you and I don't want to submit a whole other review for no reason, I'll just edit this and hope you see it. Thank you for the quick response, and I do appreciate it very much. It's a shame about 1.3.1, but I understand. The 1.2.4 is what I reverted back to until I saw how badly lightning looked with it, so it's not an option. I'm sure it's probably not possible to add an option to enable/disable Aero, or probably worth your time, but that would be a fantastic compromise.

I'm probably going to stop using Thunderbird, as the issues I have with it aren't balanced with how awestruck I am aesthetically. Thank you again for the quick and friendly reply. It really is a wonderful theme. ♥

Edit 2: A separate Aero version would be the best thing ever. I understand not having much time, but I will most definitely keep checking often. Your theme makes Thunderbird so beautiful, that even despite a few quirks of TB I don't like, I can't help but be happy with using it. ♥

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Very colourful and fun theme. Can you tell me the name of the persona used in the anime screenshot?

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This is an adorable theme, if a bit big for what's there. However, despite saying that it's updated for 6.0 it's not entirely, at least not as far as I can tell. It's rather usable, but for some reason three of the icons in the add-on menu is missing, but if I revert back to 5.0 they're back. I'm not sure why this would be, but it's annoying. I'd have posted the bug elsewhere, but there doesn't appear to be anywhere else to post it.

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