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Nome AltanaESP Pty Ltd
Località Graaff-Reinet, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Lavoro Maintain the Productivity Suite for the AltanaESP Pty Ltd Network & System
Utente da Aprile 20, 2011
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AltanaESP Network activities and AltanaESP System processes, require plenty of online collaborations and access to different domains and websites. Therefore - during an average working day - a person's productivity relies heavily on a browser (...for connection & website access) application and an email (...for collaboration & discussions) client.

At AltanaESP Pty Ltd we prefer - and do find that - Firefox (an internet browser) and Thunderbird (an email client) provide us with trusted online performances and both contain features that can be combined, adapted, tweaked or changed to meet our productivity needs and requirements. Both applications can be adjusted to meet specific productivity criteria, address particular demands and accommodate customizations with an extensive array of different extensions.

The various collection groups - compiled by AltanaESP Pty Ltd - are those extensions that best serve the online productivity requirements, standards and needs of AltanaESP Network activities and System processes.

Within in the AltanaESP Pty Ltd context... Firefox (browser), Thunderbird (email client) and extensions (collection groups) are the manner in which AltanaESP compose efficient online tools that can be deployed to enhance productivity and effectively streamline Network activities and System processes.

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Saved Password Editor

Nerve protector Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

When dealing with a kizillion username / password combinations for different websites. Changing or editing passwords is a nightmare, because one have to delete it first and then re-save the changed combination. This often is a trail-and-error process. Sometimes it works, others times it don't. So much so, that I rarely edit / change password / username combinations and only when it is absolutely critical to do so. With the 'Saved Passwords Editor' extension, it is a quick, easy and ALWAYS successful process. A very useful extension which "protect" my nerves from being shot to hell.

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Ghostery – Ad Blocker per la Privacy

Arrogance Buster & Viva Choice Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

I do find all this "stealth" tracking to be presumptuous and very arrogant, regardless the claims that it is for my own benefit and to create a better website experience. Without tools such as Ghostery, I just have to accept the fact that I - unconditionally - have to share information related to my surfing habits with who ever. I have no choice in the matter... frequently I am not even aware of stealth tracking. With the 'Ghostery' extension, allows me to decide whether I do / don't mind to be tracked by a particular website. I have the choice to allow / disable tracking. Sure... I could disable tracking cookies on a website that might result in poor website rendering. So be it... at least I now have a choice with whom I am prepared and willing to share information.

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Limit Browsing Frustration Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

The rule more than the exception - when using Firefox - is that I, on average, have about 15 tabs open. It is quite a frustration and time consuming when trying to find a particular web page (i.e. tab). But since the installation of the 'FabTabs' extension - which simulate website colours on tabs - it became a lot easier, less of a frustration and a whole lot quicker to identify the website / page I want. For example: When I want to go to the Twitter website, I merely "filter" the search to light blue coloured tabs. Nice! Incidentally, favicons are better defined and tab text more contrasted. The latter features also makes locating tabs less of a frustration.

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Clean Subject

"Little Jackals" Buster! Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle

It is quite irritating, when compiling emails, to deal with a subject line that is cluttered with many RE:'s or FW:'s. I despise the unnecessary time that I have to spend in "cleaning-up" the sloppy subject line of others. I use the subject line to filter, redirect and archive emails extensively. Thus, I always "clean-up" the subject line first, before replying, redirecting or forwarding an email. Thankfully, the 'Clean Subject' extension does it on my behalf and I can continue dealing with the email without the irritation of removing a kizillion RE:'s & FW:'s first. Granted... to "clean-up" one subject line, only waste about 3 to 5 seconds. ...But, when you are dealing with 200 emails on an average working day... you do the math!

Google Shortcuts - All Google Services at a glance

Speed-up dreaded routine tasks Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

To work online more effectively, I need to prepare my "work space" by opening some of my favourite Google services. It takes a while to type (i.e. copy / paste) the URL and open the website. However, with the 'Google Shortcuts - All Google Services at a glance' extension, I no longer have to go through the cumbersome ritual of my "prepare work space" routine, all services is merely a "drop-down" away and it is quick and easy to locate the service I needs at that particular moment. Quite a nifty and useful extension... thanks!

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