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Dark Side Of The Prism

how can I distinguish? Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

Thanks, Justin, for this very useful tool! I at once started to recommend it to all my friends.
As I learned from the posts here, the song is starting at any site with certain buttons. Not always then is the prism-picture to be seen. This means, the site per se isn't on the special list?
If not so - is there any possibility to find out, wether the site would trigger the music even if those buttons wont be there?
Tried to find out from the source code, but still I'm not as good in the language as I'ld like to.
And yes, like ice I think you are very brave. But only the braves are the ones that can stop certain developments.
Since the latest revelations I always add some kind messages for NSA or the president to my mails ;-) thinking they are all so wrapped in their own world, that they completely forgot the people as their employer and the one who pays their salary.
They forgot who is there for whom.
And a possible search engine might be duckduckgo. Hopefully. And hopefully a while longer ;-)

another blue tit

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