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Educational Audio-Visual & Software Sales & Sales Management for 27 years; from sales management where I used/learned Apple and Microsoft products to Tech Support Supervisor for AOL 1996-2001.

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Ghostery – Ad Blocker per la Privacy

One of the BEST Add-ons EVER Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

I have used Ghostery almost since it was first available. It is super. When I show friends what it does they can't believe how fast my pages load or how clean they look. While it is true that there are videos I can't watch (I did finally whitelist cbsnews.com), I don't care because privacy trumps entertainment in my estimation. VERY NICE product which has been improved over the years! Thank you Ghostery!

BTW - RTFM! For those who are giving one or two stars - take some time and carefully read through the menu which is accessed by LEFT clicking (not the normal right click to access a pop-up menu under an icon) the Ghostery icon and selecting Options [or here: www.ghostery.com/help/firefox]. IF you explore Options & Help you will see that this is some extremely powerful code which gives you real-time control over what is dropped onto your computer to call home to the mother ship in God knows what country.

YMMV - FWIW, I also run Grease Monkey (2 or 3 scripts to control Google), AdBlockPlus, Element Hiding Helper for AdBlockPlus, Web-of-Trust, AddThis, and Microsoft Security Essentials. Ghostery is running on both XPPro and Vista.

I am not an expert user, but I do read, reread, and rereread manuals until I get it. Most of the negative comments about this program expose the laughable ignorance (by not reading even the simplest instructions) of the users writing them.

I have no affiliation with Ghostery, Mozilla, etc. I DO highly value all users' right to privacy and hate to see users with similar concerns be turned away from this program by unknowing negative reviews. That is why I spent a few minutes to set up an account and weigh-in after seeing a misguided review.

If you are used to installing/uninstalling programs and modifying user settings/options in programs you can successfully use any of the programs that I have listed above. Just remember - when you have a question, type it in the Google search box, read two or three answers (pretty soon you will know which websites are likely to give you meaningful answers), think about what you have read, maybe refine your search and you should be good to go. Computing is only getting more complex, so this is a great time to get started taking control of your computing destiny.

Happy Trails to You.

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