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Bing Maps powered by Microsoft Silverlight

This search provider connects you to Microsoft's Silverlight-enhanced Bing Maps. It provides great features like bird's eye view, apps, and drag-and-drop directions.

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258 download settimanali Reverse Phone Lookup

Use for a reverse phone lookup. Submit phone number to find subscriber. Find out who called you.

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Zillow homes

Search for homes for sale or for rent. View details, photos, and historical data.

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17 download settimanali MLS

Search for an MLS number to locate real estate for sale or rent.

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Broward County Official Records

Search the official records of Broward County, Florida for the name of a party.

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Works from Context Menu. Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle

I don't see the G button on the toolbar or status bar, but I'm happy to have the context menu option.