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Nome Yurek Hinz
Località EU
Lavoro University Professor (IT, PM)
Pagina principale http://jurk.kaszubia.com/
Utente da November 6, 2010
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Initially, I have created the Kashubian dictionary for my personal use, attempting to hide my own spelling inadequacies. Since I do have a day job, working on the add-on is not a high priority for me. However, I will do my best to maintain the dictionary adding new words, and updating the spellings, as necessary.

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Kashubian Spell Checker (Poland) Riavvio richiesto

This Spell Checker may help writers verify correctness of their Kashubian spelling. It works under Firefox, Thunderbird, and SeaMonkey.

Nen werifikator kaszëbsczégò pisënkù mòże ùżëwac pòd Firefoksã, Thunderbird, ë SeaMonkey.

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