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Nome sisterfriend
Località ohio
Lavoro self-employed
Utente da Ott. 29, 2009
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hi. most people call me sister friend, i guess because i'm like everyone's sister. taking care of other people is what i do best.i also like to crochet, embroidery, sew, and make toys for needy children the world over. i get gently loved dolls(such as cabbage patch, rag dolls,etc)and i clean and sterilize them, make them clothes and ship them off. i do the same with teddy bears for the boys. i lead a small church called the lighted path, but i do most of the work on the toys and such while other members work in the community.i could always use donations of yarn, dolls, bears, fabric, thread, etc. every child gets a toy and a blanket.right now i'm crocheting wrap-ghans, afghans with sleeves for the children. they are like those blankets with sleeves just heavier like a sweater. they really love them i also make them for breast cancer, aids, altzheimer's and the heart association for raffles. each on costs at least $65.00 to make. i do not charge for labor. so as you can guess i need yarn. the organizations who raffle these off usually take in $100.00 or more. it's so great to be able to help in some small way.i also take private orders too. my most popular afghans run from twin-$85-king$185. you buy the yarn in the colors you want and the amounts i specify and give me a little time and you'll have a one of a kind hand made afghan! or i take donations of yarn,dolls, toys, etc. but no money unless you are purchasing the item for yourself.that's about all about me. other than that i'm pretty boring.i'm 44yrs.with 3 grown daughters and 2grandsons.i am happy. every choice good or bad led me here and now i wouldn't change a thing. i am blessed. blessed be. phone is (740)425-3606 leave message.

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i love to crochet!

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i think it's dainty and clean looking very nice.