Michael Koch

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Nome Michael Koch
Pagina principale http://www.codepad.de/
Utente da February 7, 2009
Numero di componenti aggiuntivi sviluppati 4 componenti aggiuntivi
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Converts telephone numbers into clickable links for use with CTI applications, SIP clients, Skype, Netmeeting, snom phones, the AGFEO TK-Suite Client and SerVonic IXI-PCS.

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Browse your bookmarks visually: create, edit, and manage preview images for all your bookmarks. Use bookmark images as a speed dial on newly opened tabs. Quickly transfer bookmarks, links and texts to your mobile phone using QR codes.

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Easily show, hide or autohide menu bar, navigation bar, status bar and all others. Better utilize screen space on small displays and netbooks by hiding unnecessary menu elements until you need them.

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TabsInForeground Riavvio non richiesto

Always open Tabs in foreground. Use system back button to close again.

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