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Nome fpmurphy
Località USA
Lavoro Software Engineer
Pagina principale http://fpmurphy.com/
Utente da January 14, 2009
Numero di componenti aggiuntivi sviluppati 149 componenti aggiuntivi
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Search the SourceForge website.

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HTML5toggle Riavvio non richiesto

Turn on or off browser support for HTML5

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Der Spiegel

Search the Der Spiegel website.

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The Guardian

Search The Guardian newspaper website.

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El Mundo

Search the El Mundo newspaper website.

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This add-on does not provide Unix manpages. It provides GNU/Linux manpages of indeterminate vintage.

China Post Office - Tracking

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Please change name of add-on to more meaningful name i.e. China Post Office Package Tracker or suchlike.

FireFTP button

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The current version of FireFTP comes with the blue icon button. It is installed in the Toolbar button palette just as this old icon button is. No longer any need to download this add-on.

Auto-clear Search Box

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Works as expected in FireFox 3.05. No problems