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I said once how much I love colorful tabs. It is truly awesome. I still have this opinion, and would like to continue to use Colorful Tabs.

Nevertheless, for years I am having a problem with my tabs going far, far back to the start of the list when a site is downloaded. This happened in my mom's computer too, after I downloaded add-ons there. But she was tired of it and removed the most influential add-ons, what she regarded as bad. Now adding it again, I let ColorfulTabs as the last one and I found that it IS the problem! I will remove it from all computers I have until the problem is fixed, because it is really, really annoying.

It happens in Windows XP, Vista and Seven. I have XP and Seven now.

Also, more recently the text of name of a tab goes weird colors depending on the skin/persona chosen, that I also identified the cause to be Colorful Tabs. It is really annoying. If possible, make us a choice of Colorful Tabs not matching the persona's maker choice, as many people have difficulty with bright-colored text (even because of sight problems or low-quality screens).

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Lazarus: Form Recovery

Really recommended Assegnate 2 su 5 stelle

Since Firefox 9, contributing to Wikipedia has been a hell, thanks to those stupid, bad and naughty scripts that I hate with all of my heart. Lazarus seems fine to social networking sites and all, but when I have to forcibly reboot Firefox when it is completely irresponsive to Windows for more than 30 minutes, or 5 hours, all of the various edits I was doing to Wikipedia, out of inspiration, are lost. Why doesn't Lazarus get consistent about edits to a wiki? Few of them are saved, others pass completely out of perception. Please, developers, help me. Your work is just fine and great, but it doesn't help to what annoys me the most about Firefox' (as well Chrome's) lack of responsiveness to such a major issue. As soon as it starts to work properly, I'll add the 5th star. If no one answers in a month (an obvious day, that of the End of the Mayan Calendar) as happens with the pages of many Firefox extensions, it will be reduced to 3.

BTW, I would love to donate, but it is too complicated to do so. Student and minor, only English-speaking member of the family, worker class in an underdeveloped country.

Undo Closed Tabs Button

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I liked the extension very much while I used it for about 3 or 4 years. Nevertheless, for those that don't need to get too light with Firefox due to its long-term memory use and crash problems, Tab Mix Plus already covers this feature (if I'm not wrong... It adds the green litter basket I have in my favorites toolbar - Don't know if it has the same name in English, my Firefox is the Brazilian Portuguese one), along many, many more. Cheers to Undo Closed Tabs Button's developer anyway. :)

Update: since Tab Mix Plus is incompatible with Firefox 17, I downloaded UCTB again. ^^

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BlockSite Plus

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Haters are completely messed up in their opinions. I'd say to every Firefox user to give it a try. Really nice, works great, and the best I've found here in Mozilla add-ons.
And by the way, if you want to block access of certain content for children, there are TONS of other programs to do this. This extension was probably developed to help preventing installation of malware, and does this greatly.

Session History Tree

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Awesome! Really nice idea, this will help me a lot from now. So many pages, texts or rationales I've lost because of some wrong clicks or forgetting of things in which I was working... I will download on every PC I use from now. :)

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Trust My Web

Guys, I couldn't use it Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

The idea is really great, but it can't be used together with forecastfox. My weather addon will unavoidably hide it, so a fixed button in the add-on bar is NOT nice. I'm not the first to complain about it, why is it still not mobile in about a year?

Edit: I can now use it, but just because CoolPreview's icon separates ir from the place forecastfox has its weather data.

More editing: I think there's something wrong with my add-on bar anyway. Everything is not mobile anymore, now that CoolPreview's icon is preventing Trust My Web's one from hiding.

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NoScript Security Suite

Top 2 most useful addon Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

Just awesome, I congratulate the human being(s) involved in creating and maintaining this. Together with WOT, a must-have security tool, that helps to put Firefox a few lightyears ahead of other browsers (as a matter of fact, I can't feel sage using Chrome, because its equivalents to them are such primitive - I can't block red WOT sites in Chrome, for example, and that generic "ScriptNo" is such obnoxious and not close to as competent as NoScript), so thanks a lot.

But I have to ask for an additional feature, using an out-of-Firefox archive to give us a backup copy for the sites allowed and not allowed (I know I probably can do this writing in some weird code language by myself, but I'm everything but a truly computer-wise person i.e. a newbie). This is because in some problematic nations such as my Brazil, and at an event of severe weather in less problematic ones, we have blackouts, and when this happens ~while we update Firefox~, people as me see their personas disappearing and their ~extension options and given information resetting~. While it was not a problem for WOT, it completely deleted all the information I've put on NoScript and FlashBlock.

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Mostly excellent/A bit just nice sometimes Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

I liked version 2.0.1 . It colors all your tabs, that before were gray, white or similar cold tones, in wonderful tones of blue, green, pink, yellow , orange, red, brown, purple, wine, lilac... They are always very pretty and combining. I really recommend it. But, anyway, I do not recommend version 2.0.2, as it colors only the first tab and all the others are in a ugly tone of white/gray.

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