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always ".com" - Google.com (in English)

Tired of being redirected to a local Google site when you specifically want Google.com?

Use "Google dot com", not "dot something else". Use Google.com, in English, without being redirected to a country-specific Google site when you're not in the US.

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3 Maps

3maps iLoveVitaly prOject is a maps for travellers, bloggers, dreamers and everybody, who use maps and address search, with a wide choice of services which reduce costs, dramatically improve the quality of your travel!

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Library of Congress Search

Search The Library of Congress catalog.

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US Soccer Theme Riavvio richiesto

US Soccer Theme. This is for all people who love Soccer, the USA, and US Soccer!

If possible, please donate to support this Theme and the hard work I put into making this. The smallest amount helps. Thank you!

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USA sites search

USA site search - Search websites located in USA

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Amazon com

Amazon com search plugin. Searches on the US Amazon website.

This add-on takes part in the store affiliation programme.

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Search Amazon.com

Search Amazon.com

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Amazon search

Search in all Amazon countries in America and Europe:
amazon .com - United States
amazon .co.uk - United Kingdom
amazon .de - Germany (Deutschland)
amazon .fr - France
amazon .it - Italy (Italia)
amazon .es - Spain
amazon .ca - Canada

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Los Angeles Times

Search the Los Angeles Times newspaper website.

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The Official USA Add-on for Firefox Riavvio richiesto

Stay connected to the ‘home of the brave’ and download our new browser application. This is an add-on to your existing browser, meaning you can surf the web in a familiar environment while showing your patriotic side all the time you’re online.

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Live E*Trade Riavvio richiesto

Live E*Trade share price spot. This add-on can be easier to spot share price anytime you are using firefox. Details tooltip display indicates the share information such as today's lower/higher price, company name, last update and change, etc.

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Amazon international

Amazon international (co.uk, fr, it, es, com, ca, de, co.jp). Searches through the British, French, Italian, Spanish, USA, Canadian, German and Japanese Amazon websites with one click

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USA Flag New Tab

Stars and stripes on your new tab! Support the red, white, and blue with this American flag new tab experience!

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Amazon .com right-click search Riavvio richiesto

Select and right-click to search with Amazon.com

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