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Advanced Eyedropper, Color Picker, Gradient Generator and other colorful goodies...

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Rainbow Color Tools Consigliati

Color tools for web development.

Color picker and eyedropper + saving colors and trying out colors with drag and drop.

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Pick That Color Riavvio non richiesto

A simple lightweight addon for selecting any color from web pages. It copies the Hex color code of any pixel that is displayed in your browser to clipboard. Just click the color wheel button near your address bar or press 'Ctrl+Shift+z'.

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Colorpick Eyedropper [BETA] Riavvio non richiesto

A simple eye-dropper & color-picker tool allowing you to select color values from webpages.

You will need to enable the add-on bar

Firefox menu->Options->Add-on Bar
View->Toolbars->Add-on Bar

Then refresh the page.

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