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Blue Fox Theme Riavvio richiesto

Dark BLUE theme for Firefox 29 and above

Homepage : http://web-goodies.net/firefox/
Web-tuts: http://web-goodies.net/

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Old Location Bar Riavvio richiesto

Rende Firefox 3 Location Bar "AwesomeBar" a guardare e agire più come Firefox 2's old location bar.

Dispone di un menu di opzioni per impostare le cose solo a proprio piacimento.

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Awesome Search Extension Riavvio richiesto

Search folder / tags / tabs. Expand urlbar results / links

Main features
-Search:folder names,tags,tabs title+url/ tab content
-context menu on search results of the url bar:navigating through folders,tags,visiting times+sites of same domain

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rein Riavvio richiesto

das Monochrom

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Fast and Awesome

Presiona enter en la AwesomeBar para seleccionar el primer resultado de manera rapida

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FavIconInLocationBar Riavvio richiesto

Displays the fav-icon in the location bar as Firefox 13 and earlier did

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Go classic [unmaintained] Riavvio richiesto

Customize Go button; Back and Forward menu-list buttons; URL-bar label; several previous-century toolbar buttons; "get add-ons" pane visibility...

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Just a friendly plugin that wants you to stay in shape while you browse the internet. It reminds you to do 5 pushups every now and then.

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AwesomeBar Power Tip

Tooltip hint of the AwesomeBar power features.

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Reddish Riavvio richiesto

A dark, red & glassy Firefox 4 theme.

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