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ExHentai Easy 2

When accessing exhentai.org the user is presented with a photo of a sad panda. Access to the site is restricted to users of the sister site http://forums.e-hentai.org whom must manually copy their IPB cookie. This plugin automates this process.

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Kiss Autoplay Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Autoplay KissAnime and KissCartoon episodes anti-adblock free in a beautiful fullscreen player-- no F11 required!

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Fake Anime Site Blocker Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Blocks fake phishing anime websites.

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9Anime Enhancement Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Improve your experience on 9anime with new features!

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Nyaa Magnet Links Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Add magnet links on NyaaTorrents

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TV-lanD Player Riavvio richiesto


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Dragon Ball Z Tribute New Tab

Goku and the rest of the Dragon Ball Z gang on your new tab page! 15 rotating high-res images!

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ESCape From Them GIFs… (Use 'Esc' to Toggle Gif Animation On/Off) Pause all animated gif's with the ESC key... A second press toggles them back on. (image.animation_mode)

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9anime Companion Compatibile con Firefox 57+

A simple companion extension for 9Anime

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KickassTorrents Toolbar Riavvio richiesto

KickassTorrents Toolbar is the ultimate toolbar for KickassTorrents that retrieves the latest torrents of KickassTorrents and adds easy to use KickassTorrents search capabilites into your browser.

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Spoiler Free! - Hide Facebook Spoilers Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Spoiler Free hides/blur Facebook posts that contains spoilers!

Add the word spoiler to your post to mark it as a spoiler.

ضع كلمة سبويلر في البوست الخاص بك حتي توضح أنه يحتوي علي سبويلر أو حرق للأحداث.

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Enhancement suite for Crunchyroll

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Anime Tracker Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Keeps track of the ridiculously short episodes on animetv.to

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Watch Cartoon Online Compatibile con Firefox 57+

This extensions only for WCO(Watch Cartoon Online) website . Video page and Custom Scroll bar added. Also remove all Ads in this website.

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Anime Search

Search anime: videos, reviews, series etc. on anime websites

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Mikan Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Enhance your mikanani.me experience

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Anime Takvimi Add-on

Forum ve sitelerde anime bilgilerini ve myanimelist teki izleme durumunuzu gösterir.

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ClipMon Compatibile con Firefox 57+

This addon monitors your clipboard and automatically appends its content onto any tab on which it's been activated.

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Anime Up Next Search v1.0

Find HD Anime on Anime Up Next

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