Tab Sweeper

Closes unused tabs after bookmarking URIs from their history. Idle time is aggregated across sessions while the browser is actively used (mouse/keybord events occur). Selecting a tab resets its counter.

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Open With Internet Explorer

Open With Internet Explorer sends pages from Mozilla Firefox to Internet Explorer.

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Nearby New Tab

Provides functionality to open a new tab next to the currently open one.

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Меню закрытых вкладок

Быстрый доступ к истории закрытых вкладок

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Downloads in a Tab

Open downloads in about:downloads instead of the library

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HashColouredTabs+ Riavvio richiesto

Permette di migliorare l'identificazione delle schede aggiungendo una piccola icona colorata per ogni sito che non ha una propria favicon oppure sostituendo tutte le favicon.

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Vertical Tabs

Vertical Tabs for Firefox with a space-efficient native look & feel.

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This addon was created to help navigate the site and their's forum via the new / unread messages.
Ovaj addon je stvoren za pomoć u navigaciji na stranici i njegovom forumu putem prikaza novih/nepročitanih poruka .

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Free PDF to Word Converter Riavvio richiesto

Nothing is easier than to convert PDF to Word document with the Free PDF to Word Converter. Three ways to convert PDF to Word file effortlessly.

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Tab Replace Riavvio richiesto

Replaces currently open tabs when opening a group of bookmarks

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Important Tabs

Select and manage few important tabs among a bunch of all currently opened tabs.

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Copy title and url of active tab in clipboard

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Download mp3s and whole album from DIRECTLY, without additional clicks!

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Readable and Closable Tabs

Customize the size and close buttons on Firefox tabs.

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Tab Sorter

Adds tab strip context menu to sort tabs by title

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CloseTab Riavvio richiesto

Lightweight add-on which adds to right-click menu 3 items allowing to close current tab, open a new one and reopen closed one. Right-click anywhere on site instead of using keyboard or finding buttons.

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New Tab Toolbar Button with your newtab.url Riavvio richiesto

Adds back the open new tab toolbar button with default browser content ("browser.newtab.url" property).
It can be useful, if you changed default new tab, or it was changed by one of your addons.

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Compact Tabs

Makes more room for page titles in the the Firefox tabs bar by removing the extra white space, making them appear a bit more compact.

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Bottom Tabs Riavvio richiesto

Move tabs to the bottom of the browser window.

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tabs2txt Compatibile con Firefox 57+

This add-on provides a button to copy the URL strings of all active tabs in a window to a scratchpad, delimit them with newlines, and provides the ability to copy the list to clipboard. The reverse operation is also supported (txt2tabs).

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