Search it up!

Search phrases just by selecting them on the page and pressing CTRL+Q! If the selected text is a web adress, it will be opened instead of searched.

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Auto Arrange Window After Detach Tab

Auto arrange window after detach tab when the tab drop onto ContentArea.
Drag drop to the second monitor is possible.

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The MozFBRH extension for Mozilla Firefox enhances the navigation toolbar by adding Middle Click/Control+Click/Shift+Click functions to the Back, Forward, Reload, Home, and Throbber Buttons, as well as the Back and Forward history dropdown menus...

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Backlose Riavvio non richiesto

当使用alt + ← (Win)或 command + [ (Mac) 来"后退"的的时候, 如果已经不能后退, 则关闭标签.

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Active Tab Switcher

Toolbar buttons to move back and forward in the tab list like the Ctrl pgup / pgdn shortcuts. Also close next / previous tab with Right-click, and Middle-click makes them custom new tab buttons

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NumberedTabs Riavvio non richiesto

Displays the tab's number to allow quick tab switching via Ctrl + [1-8] or Cmd + [1-8]

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Musicmp3SPB Riavvio non richiesto

Download mp3s and whole album from DIRECTLY, without additional clicks!

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Any New Tab

Any New Tab lets you set any custom url as your new new tab rather than getting a useless blank tab. Now you can have the page you want every time you open a new tab. You wont believe how much time this saves :)

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'MyContents' app can be used to create your own (web) contents from daily used sites. Take into your hands the organizing of regularly accessed web content!

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Move from host to host!

Parasite enables switching a page between hosting/staging environments.
E.g. Browse, select 'LOCAL' from the host list and Firefox will navigate to http://localhost/my-page.html.

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open link to target or favor tab group

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Duplicate 2 Window Riavvio non richiesto

Open new windows with the current URL!

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New tab from here

You on the page and want to open new tab with adding something to its current URL?
Just click New Tab... from File menu or right-clicking on a page, and enter prompting URL than press OK (or ENTER)

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Provides a history of visited tabs...

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Amazon Click Riavvio non richiesto

Open the Amazon Website with one click!

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Restore empty favicon

Restore empty favicon - restores empty placeholder on the tabs.
Empty favicon was removed in

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Tab Minus

Adds Close Tab button, Scroll Left button and Scroll Right button to the toolbar. Requires newest Tab Mix Plus dev build, and it can be downloaded via Tab Mix Plus forum: ...

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The best antidote for paranoia.
Have you noticed that everybody looks the titles of your open tabs? It has a name: Paranoia! And a solution too: TabRenamizer2!

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New Tab Toolbar Button Updated Version

Adds a toolbar button which opens a new tab when clicked.

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Shows a small window with the preview of the link's website when you move your mouse over a link and press CTRL.

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