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Visit shopping sites like flipkart, amazon and get automatic price comparison for any product. Set alerts to track price drops.

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购物党全网自动比价工具:淘宝京东比价、历史价格跟踪、降价提醒、全网收藏夹 Riavvio non richiesto


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Fastest Search - Browse/Shop Faster! Riavvio non richiesto Consigliati

Search/browse/shop faster than ever! Ctrl-Shift-F for whole-word/regex/all tabs/diacritic search;create custom engines;shopping assistant compares price;Smart SearchBox;Preview results;Auto copy plain text, dnd save image/open link.Use v3.363(below)!

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Coupons at Checkout Riavvio non richiesto

Never search for a coupon again! Coupons at Checkout uncovers coupon codes automatically at thousands of online stores. Wherever you see a ‘Coupon Code’ box, now just click to see all the retailer's latest coupons! As featured in CNET & Lifehacker!

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Clubic Bons Plans Riavvio non richiesto

Clubic Bons Plans compare les prix automatiquement lorsque vous surfez sur la page d’un produit chez un e-marchand. Profitez également des #bonsplans Clubic grâce aux notifications en temps réel pour être les premiers à en profiter !

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Советник Яндекс.Маркета

Не тратьте деньги зря

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Сайдекс-сканнер моментально находит наиболее выгодные предложения от десятков тысяч интернет-магазинов.

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Shoptimate : Confronta istantaneamente i prezzi Riavvio non richiesto

Utilizza l'estensione Shoptimate per mettere a confronto i prezzi senza alcun click. Quando visualizzi un oggetto in un negozio online, viene visualizzata una barra per dirti se lo prodotto si possa trovare altrove ad un prezzo più basso.

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The Sea App

We make sure you get the best price.

No more searching from site to site. See it all on The Sea App.

- The Sea App shows you the best prices from your favorite stores within seconds!

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Ziftr Alerts (formerly FreePriceAlerts) Riavvio non richiesto

You do the shopping. We'll do the searching. It's that simple.

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Castorus est un outil de suivi communautaire d'annonces immobilières.
Castorus retient pour vous les éléments essentiels des annonces que vous consultez. Il vous indique l'évolution du prix de l'annonce, les éventuelles modifications, etc..

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Mein Grundeinkommen - CrowdBar Riavvio non richiesto

Beim Einkaufen Grundeinkommen unterstützen - ohne Mehrkosten!

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Simple Currency Converter Riavvio non richiesto

Auto conversion of US Dollar, Euro, British Pound and Russian Rubles prices to your local currency on any web page.

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The Heartbleed SSL vulnerability presents significant concerns for users and major challenges for site operators. Want to be DETECT websites that are vulnerable install this plug-in and GREEN is GOOD, RED is BAD

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PriceZombie, Price Tracker & Price Comparison Riavvio non richiesto Consigliati

Price tracker and price comparison! Price history charts and price drop alerts for over 100 stores including Amazon, Newegg, BestBuy, OfficeMax, Target, Sears, Sam's Club, Fry's, HomeDepot, and many more!

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5.227 utenti Shopping - Coupons, Best Prices, & Offers

Want to save money shopping online?

Automatically get the best prices, coupons & promo codes.

✔ Uses HTTPS
✔ Automatically get the best prices & coupon codes
✔ Works on search engines
✔ Product information

Safe · Discreet · 100% Free

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Dealz Riavvio non richiesto

Finally a browser feature for Shopaholics. This will save you money everyday on all your online shopping. Just click and get this feature and shop the way you do. Enjoy Saving !!!

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MakkhiChoose Riavvio non richiesto

Compare prices across online stores in India. Save money!

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Hover Hound Riavvio non richiesto

Enhanced Newegg shopping with price comparison, price history charts, and more!

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boost-Bar Riavvio non richiesto

Die boost-Bar macht Gutes tun beim Online-Shopping so einfach wie noch nie. Jeder Einkauf bei einem unserer Partner-Shops kann eine Spende für eine Charity deiner Wahl erzeugen – und es kostet dich nichts weiter als ein paar Klicks!

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