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Instant Computer Help from Sunflower Network Riavvio richiesto

Get instant, expert help with your computer. ...

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Kostenfinder Riavvio richiesto

Das Computerprogramm „Kostenfinder“ markiert viele Informationen zu Kosten auf einer Website - auch wenn sie versteckt sind.

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Hide Facebook Ticker Riavvio richiesto

After installing this add-on, you can easily disable/re-enable the new irritating Facebook ticker by simply clicking on the facebook icon at the bottom right of your firefox browser.

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ProxyToolbar Riavvio richiesto

ProxyToolbar is no longer under active development. We recommend you to use our proxy list addon instead -

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(OSI) Open Search Index

OSI is a distributed P2P project, aiming at creating a censorship free, anonymous and open internet, while earning users OSICoin for submitting results.

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Image Stopper

This add-on allows the user to quickly enable or disable automatic loading of images in Firefox. Simply hit CTRL(Command)-Shift-i to toggle image loading on or off.

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Small Firewall

SFW is a simple content filter to limit ADs from crossdomain website.
If a website contains <iframe src="&lt;a href=" https:="""" v1="" dfb9a90a1dbfe7665e36bace40976b056b7149ce2317a42a517807959ab6adb1="" http%3A="...

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Have you ever been personally embarrassed because your friends or housemates found out something about your browsing history? Blushproof can help! Blushproof helps you remember to enter Private Browsing Mode, and also to clear your history.

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SusBlocker (IF3250-ITB)

A no-frills ad blocker.

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Direct Media Access 4 AlloStreaming (AlloShare + AlloShowTV) Riavvio richiesto

Direct Media Access 4 AlloStreaming est un plugin Firefox qui permet d'accéder directement aux films proposés par les sites du groupe AlloStreaming : AlloShare et AlloShowTV.

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A simple way to turn off Javascript and Cookies with one click.

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FoxLocation Riavvio richiesto

Know exactly where resides the server that's hosting the site you are looking at, with a simple click you can perform various tests on it! FoxLocation gives you informations on "that site's server" and gives you the power of DNSQueries tests!

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Password Tote Riavvio richiesto

Assists with logging into websites/services with secure passwords. Password Tote allows you to remember just one secure password and the software handles the rest. Automatically login to all your websites with ease.

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Domain Pass Lite

Surf light!
- Auto-filter out common guest domains [ Into Filter List ]
- Let us include/opt-in the domains that we want [ Exception List ]

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LogMote addon Riavvio richiesto

LogMote provides a way to manage web site login/passwords stored on your smartphone when surfing the internet with your computer.

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Norton Identity Safe

Access your Identity Safe Vault, which remembers your usernames and passwords for single-click access to your favorite sites.

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ProxifyMyFox Riavvio richiesto

This addon allows you to redirect all request throug our Glype-system, which is hosted on dedicated canadian servers. Privacy guaranteed.

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Speaker privacy

Prevent privacy leak during presentation

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Virus Total Scan Url

Premendo sul relativo pulsante si effettua la scansione dell'URL con Virus Total ottenendo un report virus di oltre 46 antivirus

En appuyant sur le bouton correspondant scanne l'URL avec Virus Total obtenir un rapport de plus de 46 virus antivirus

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