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Extended Cookie Manager

Easier cookie managment for Firefox

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SRKiosk: a fullscreen kiosk with all menus, keys etc. disabled

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Password Analyzer Riavvio non richiesto

Analyzes strength of saved passwords.

Note: This add-on accesses your saved password database and analyzes your passwords locally.

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Cobra Online Security ATD Riavvio non richiesto

Protects your privacy from Phishing, Scamming, Malwares, Harmful Js and online threats. Advance Threat Defense for your browser.

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WebCensor - Profanity Filter Riavvio non richiesto

Blocks the swear words, bad, strong, foul language, swearing, cursing, etc. Make browsing safer and Internet cleaner!

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OSI: Servicio AntiBotnet

Servicio de la OSI que notifica amenazas relacionadas con botnets que se puedan estar produciendo desde tu conexión a Internet. Al instalar este plugin en tu navegador se ejecuta de forma periódica el servicio de chequeo de la OSI.

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Proxy Finder (IP Switcher) Riavvio non richiesto

Proxy Finder is an advanced proxy management tool. With Proxy Finder, you can easily change your geo-location in one click!

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Cas2play Riavvio non richiesto

Cas2play производит автоматический поиск доступного зеркала заблокированного ресурса. В результате, вы в кратчайший срок получаете доступ к полностью функциональному сайту.

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ScrewAds Plus for YouTube

ScrewAds lets you enjoy YouTube videos without the annoying video and image ads.

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UserCSP Riavvio non richiesto

The goal of this project is to allow savvy users to be able to voluntarily specify their own Content Security Policy (CSP) for websites that may not have implemented CSP.

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SafeWallet Password Manager - Firefox Extension

SafeWallet is a password manager and form filler. It saves logins to a local secure database and auto fills them for you later on all in a highly secure manner. It will not only make your life easier but also make your online experience a lot safer.

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Orkut Linkifier

Converts links into genuine ones on orkut, making navigation easier.

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Show user's current IP in statusbar

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Allows Firefox's password manager to store passwords for password fields with autocomplete='off'

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Hide My Ass! IP Checker

Easily check your IP address with one simple click

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CallingID Link Advisor

CallingID Link Advisor verifies the links you see in Firefox and Thunderbird are safe before you follow them. When the mouse is placed over any link a risk assessment and the full details of the site owner are displayed, helping you evaluate the...

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Unlimited Free VPN by betternet Riavvio non richiesto

betternet is the easiest way to connect to the web without censor or restrictions. An unlimited FREE VPN with no ads, no registration, no b******t; we just protect your privacy and identity. That’s it!

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TTFC - Share-cash Survey Bypasser

Skips surveys on sharecash if they irritate you.

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IP detection / resolver

IP detection Tool is used to determine IP address of the links or a currently open web page.

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Secure CC Riavvio non richiesto

Secure Credit Card Numbers is a convenience launcher from the toolbar or Tools menu to launch the online virtual credit card programs available from Discover, Citibank and Bank of America.

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