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PicSide smart and social photo

Picside allows you to discover the Other Side of the Pictures!
Install PicSide plug-in to flip all the pictures and discover the content on their Other Side (stories with pictures, videos, music, links and text, comments, EXIF and geolocation datas)

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YouTube Videos Auto Play 480p Quality Riavvio richiesto

Starts YouTube Videos automatically in 480p Quality. 1080p HD 720p HD

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89 utenti Image Uploader Riavvio richiesto

Upload images fast and easy to by right-clicking on them.

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TwitrPix Express for Firefox Riavvio richiesto

Instantly share any photo from any web site on Twitter by right-clicking on the photo and clicking "Share photo on Twitter using TwitrPix" -- while you surf and without having to leave the site you are on.

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Wookmark Riavvio richiesto

Wookmark is a tool to save and collect the images you love from your favorite websites.

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NewEgg Button Riavvio richiesto

Our users say "A must have for NewEgg Shoppers". Easily navigate popular NewEgg destinations. Visually Browse bestsellers/most gifted items. Browse NewEgg by directory and much more...

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Convert YouTube videos to mp3

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Netflix Playlist Riavvio richiesto

Create playlists on Netflix

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Preview YouTube

This is a addon that help user to preview YouTube suggested videos without opening the video page,
Pop Window appears on hover for 2 sec over the video thumbnail. User can drag and close the addon on need. The video loads on all YouTube page.

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Send to Movian

Sends YouTube, RuTube and Other, video and music links to Movian Media Player for playback on TV

Contribution/Поддержать add-on.


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Soundcloud Button

Open the Soundcloud site with just one click.

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ThumbnailCopy Riavvio richiesto

An easy way to copy the HTML for an image in a link (like a thumbnail image). Just use the "Copy Image As Link" context menu item. If you're often posting thumbnail images to blogs, etc. this could be very helpful!

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Download YouTube videos with javascript only. No server side scripts needed!

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SLiMG Upload Riavvio richiesto

Upload Images to SLiMG

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Gives you full video previews throughout YouTube.

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photofoxx Riavvio richiesto

Ever had to edit a photo while working on a design and wished you had a handy photo editor right there, without having to open an extra desktop application? Here is PhotoFoxx!. Just click on the toolbar icon and start editing your photos.

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Quick Drag 4 img

Quick drag for image download and multiple url.
drag&drop multiple URLs, then oepn them in new tabs.
drag&drop multiple Images, then download them.
drag&drop text, then google it.

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PicBlow Riavvio richiesto

This extension zooms and aligns images in image-only documents (or domains you want to).

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YouTube View More Uploader Videos Riavvio richiesto

Remember seeing the other videos a user had uploaded in a bar? This script autoreloads the page with an extra parameter that adds a sleek list of uploads (up to 99 videos) from the same uploader. (see screenshot)

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Extension Xari live

Ne ratez plus aucun de mes streams avec cette extension !
Dès que je serai en live, l'icône changera de couleur et vous recevrez une notification vous informant que je stream !

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