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A song identifier that can detect what's playing on your microphone. Powered by

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Scientific Calculator Plus

Scientific Calculator provides basic and advanced mathematical functions useful for school or college

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Vimeo Tooltip & Notification Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Show Vimeo clip's title & duration as link's tooltip or as notification

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Video PopUp

Video PopUp

Simple option to watch Youtube & Facebook videos in popup.

All video in Facebook & Youtube will have "Watch PopUP" beneath it. Click "Watch PopUP" button and enjoy watching the video as POPUP, without moving from your current page.

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Pic Zoom Riavvio richiesto

Zoom in and out of any image on a page

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yaBeat - YouTube to MP3

Das yaBeat Firefox Addon ist ein einfaches Tool, mit dem du YouTube Videos in eine MP3-Datei verwandeln kannst.

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vPlayBackSpeed Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Adds play back speed controls to Vimeo videos.

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ImagePreviewer Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Shows a popup with an image preview when hovering over link that points to an image file or a page with an image.

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Image Spark Riavvio richiesto

Add images to your Image Spark account by right clicking on any image.

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Grabstream Riavvio richiesto

Download YouTube Videos in FLV and MP4 (both High Defintion and iPod compatible High-Quality) in a single click.

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Youtube mp3 for Android

Easy to use youtube video to mp3 downloader created specifically for Android devices.

You also get a bonus of an Android Appstore easily accessible from your browser.

Addon features an android apps listing, easily accessible from menu, also e

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Pin Youtube Video Compatibile con Firefox 57+

When you scroll the web page vertically, and the video becomes invisible, it will be pinned to the top right corner

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A firefox addon which posts HTTP requests to Kodi using JSON-RPC to play or queue video URLs.

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135 utenti - Live TV

Watch Live TV streaming without buffering, 100+ Indian and International channels are included.
Also watch Live Cricket and Live Football matches streaming. Chat with friends and discuss about show while watching it.

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keySharky Riavvio richiesto

Add missing keyboard functionality to Grooveshark!

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Painel do Spotify Riavvio richiesto

Uma forma simples de integrar o Spotify ao Firefox.

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9gag nsfw Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Activate this plugin to view all 9gag nsfw images without logging in. You will view the nsfw posts directly on 9gag, as opposed to some plugins which just opens the image in a new tab.

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133 utenti BitTorrent Proxy Riavvio richiesto

Download BitTorrent as HTTP files and view screenshots of video torrents on any supported site.

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Schillr Stereoscopic 3D Viewer Riavvio richiesto

Stereoscopic 3D Viewer - Converter for stereoscopic parallel-view or cross-view images. Converts to parallel-view, cross-view, anaglyph (red/cyan or amber/blue) or wiggle.

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Host Images with Right-Click Riavvio richiesto

Uploads All kind of images from other sites to our Free Image Hosting site with Right Click Menu with Just One Click.

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