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Notifications, Messages, & Alerts for Facebook Riavvio richiesto

Button changes state to Notify you about:☎ Facebook Notification✉ New Facebook Message Alert☛ Facebook Friend RequestAlso Includes a 1 click Facebook Like Button.Available as standalone browser buttons or as part of the MediaPimp toolbar.

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Get Image From Facebook

A basic add-on to see image from a specific Facebook account.

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YouTube converter to mp3 online

YouTubeConverter.Me is one of the fastest and safe services for downloading and conveting files from the popular hosting «YouTube to MP3» audio format.

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Photo Editor PhotoStudio per immagini Compatibile con Firefox 57+

PhotoStudio per creare e modificare foto e immagini online

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Adds some features (zooming, rotating, etc.) when viewing stand-alone images

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Defaults for Picasa Web Album Riavvio richiesto

"Defaults for Picasa Web Album" is an extension to customaize the standard state of the display screen of Picasa Web Albums photos.
With this extension, you will avoid having to change the status manually each time.

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Vine Volume Fixer

Adjust video volume to a sane level of your choosing.

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Easylife Screen Broadcast

Share an application window or an entire screen and broadcast live to a public or private audience at

Easylife is a broadcasting platform that connects to social media sites or other users from entirely within the browser

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WebinarJeo Screen Capturing

WebinarJeo addon for screensharing

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PlayThis Compatibile con Firefox 57+

PlayThis context menu, send/add urls to PlayThis add-on in Kodi for resolving and playback. Supports up to 4 remote Kodi profiles.

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Open With Vivaldi Browser

Open With Vivaldi Browser sends pages from Mozilla Firefox to Vivaldi browser.

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Play using HTML5, instead of Flash

This extension replaces the Flash player found on the new beta website with an HTML5 player. Very basic, but gets the job done.

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IMSLP Auto Downloader Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Automatically downloads files from IMSLP without the 15 second delay

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FindThatBand Riavvio richiesto

Search for bands or artists on allmusic, Amazon, Bandcamp, Discogs, Grooveshark, iTunes, LastFM, MySpace, Pandora, SoundCloud, The Hype Machine, Wikipedia, or YouTube by selecting some text and giving it a right-click. It's that easy.

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YouTube UHD Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Discover a completely new world with UHD Content from YouTube! This extensions apply to each search term the 4K filter so you only see UHD Content.

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Youtube to Mp3 | Mp3Grabby

Download Youtube to Mp3 with a single click.

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Youtube mp3 for Android

Easy to use youtube video to mp3 downloader created specifically for Android devices.

You also get a bonus of an Android Appstore easily accessible from your browser.

Addon features an android apps listing, easily accessible from menu, also e

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Sideplayer Riavvio richiesto

Play audio files and video files in a local machine on sidebar.

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Hide YouTube fullscreen controls Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Hides the YouTube fullscreen controls when moving the mouse to the left border.

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IMDb & Rotten Tomatoes ratings for Watchever

This extension seamlessly adds the ratings from IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes into the watchever web interface. Each movie and series detail page gets two more rating rows (if the movie/series can be found in IMDb).

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