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Collective Intelligence

Filtrage et structuration collaborative d'information.

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Aggiunto il September 11, 2010


Clavier Unideo dans une barre latérale (Unideo a été inventé par Eric Cattelain)

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Aggiunto il August 24, 2010

Tellurium IDE

Tellurium IDE is a Firefox plugin to record user actions, automatically generate Tellurium DSL script, and play test scripts.

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Aggiunto il August 14, 2010


Advanced inline translator: Select the text then press selected key to translate selection.

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You don't want to sign up on every website? You don't want your comments to be censored? But you'd like to share your opinions with the world? No problem! OpenComment provides free speech for the web - no censorship, no registration necessary.

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Turkish Deasciifier Riavvio non richiesto

Turkish deasciifier: converts a Turkish text without Turkish letters into a text with proper Turkish letters. Simply right click in a text box or a text area and choose "Convert to Turkish".

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Урим Riavvio non richiesto

Облако тегов в вашем браузере! Расширение Urim позволяет быстро создать облако тегов для текущей страницы или любого фрагмента текста на ней.

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Сонгосон үгийг сайтаас хайна

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Lingtoolbar - tłumacz z

Ling - najobszerniejszy polski darmowy zbiór słowników. Wyszukiwarka, daje
dostęp do prawie 3 milionów haseł z 5 języków, w słownikach ogólnych,
specjalistycznych, angielskich, niemieckich, polskich, włoskich, hiszpańskich, rosyjskich i in.

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Aggiunto il July 20, 2010


Allows you to listen the english text, selected in the web-page. Add-on converts selected text into the speech in OGG format. This format has native support by the modern Firefox versions. Try it now. Have Fun and Good Luck.

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Aggiunto il July 10, 2010


RemoveLocale is extension for removing diacritics from address. We support new project Golem Python Framework ( ) - a tool for teaching of programming.

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Aggiunto il June 30, 2010

Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish the easy way with 'Spanish Word Of The Day' delivered to your Firefox browser. Includes FREE 'Learn Spanish' 6 day course along with ability to translate text or entire webpages FROM ANY language INTO ANY language.

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Aggiunto il June 28, 2010

Marathi Spell Checker

Checks the Marathi webpage for spelling mistakes and highlights it.

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Aggiunto il June 28, 2010

Hindi Pop up

After installing this extension, just hover the mouse on top of an English word and a pop-up will appear with suggestions of possible hindi equivalents.

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Aggiunto il June 24, 2010

Google Translate It Riavvio non richiesto

This jetpack allows you to quickly translate text with Google Translate.

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Aggiunto il May 22, 2010



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Facebook Translate

Translate status updates and comments on Facebook. Seamlessly integrates into Facebook.

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Aggiunto il May 3, 2010


Átrója a világhálót!

Használat: F4 gomb vagy a rovás képecskéken kattintva

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Aggiunto il May 2, 2010