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Ogame - Helper Riavvio non richiesto

* Shows the time, which is needed till a building, ship, etc. can be built.
* Shows the maximum buildable pieces of ships and defence.
* Adds direct links to the galaxy menu, so that debris fields can be mined easily.

Icon: Victor Erixon

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Film Info and Reviews

View complete info and reviews of a film from upto 10 sites of your choice such as Wikipedia, IMDB, RottenTomatoes, Roger Ebert etc

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TF2OP Alert!

Displays new messages from TF2Outpost.

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T4G Blacklist Add-on

Extends the profiles of Battlefield Play4Free.
Checks the status of various blacklists and displays them on the profile. Apart from this, further stats and scores are displayed.

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L'estensione si siede sul vostro desktop, fianco a fianco stanze reali poker online. Cattura le carte mostrate sul tavolo da poker, valuta le tue mani, calcola le probabilità e ti dà consigli su come giocare la tua mano iniziale.

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Twitter Toolbar Button

Twitter Toolbar Button lets you visit your Favorite Twitter by adding a special Twitter Button to your Toolbar.

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Music Buddy Riavvio non richiesto

Let's you listen to thousands of songs just by simply typing in a name.

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KittyKeys Riavvio non richiesto

Enjoy the soothing sounds of the internet while you type.

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Easy media download Riavvio non richiesto

You can download any media file (flash games, videos, images, swf, embedded and more) on the web. This add-on opens "Media" tab with a single click. Very easy to use!

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Facebook Notification Riavvio non richiesto

The official Facebook Notification extension developed by Bagf, Inc.

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saganIZER Riavvio non richiesto


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Facebook one click login

One click Facebook account access!

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Happy, hippie Gruppentafel Riavvio non richiesto

Color, happiness and math - what else do you need?

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Find and replace

Easily find and replace words or sentence in web pages. Useless...

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Host Pic.Org Riavvio non richiesto

This addon enhances image uploading, hosting & sharing interface provided by Irrespective of signed up as a member or not, you can use all features of this addon. Check more detailed description & screenshots of this addon below

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HTML5 Media Player

Allows links to HTML5 audio and video supported media to be opened in a media player window within the browser.

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SilveOS Firefox addon - Silverlight operating system. It is a website that simulates an operating system inside web browser. You can launch applications right away without installation and it will be executed in draggable and resizable windows.

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EW Super Scouter Riavvio non richiesto

Add-on to show additional info about bases (e.g. resources, online info) when scouting in a Facebook / Google game called Edgeworld. It can be used to find targets that give out the most resources.

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Veel mensen spelen kapilands op en/of Deze plugin geeft meer opties en speelgemak.

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EVE Fox allows you to view your EVE Online character sheets from within the browser as well as track the progress of skills in training.

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