Toolbar Link Website FKIP UNS Riavvio richiesto

Add-Ons untuk menampilkan link Relation Web blog dan Web Aplikasi FKIP UNS

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Aggiunto il December 28, 2011

Shortcuts Package Context Menu

Ajoute des raccourcis dans le menu contextuel en complément avec le module Shortcut Package

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Aggiunto il December 23, 2011

MyContents Riavvio richiesto

'MyContents' app can be used to create your own (web) contents from daily used sites. Take into your hands the organizing of regularly accessed web content!

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Aggiunto il December 18, 2011

MindiT Riavvio richiesto

MindMap inspired bookmarking. Organize your bookmarks graphically, annotate, access from anywhere.

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Aggiunto il December 9, 2011

Read Hatebu Later Riavvio richiesto



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Aggiunto il December 8, 2011

Apollo Bookmark/Tab/History Sync add-on Riavvio richiesto

Bookmark/Tab/History sync add-on of Apollo for Firefox

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Aggiunto il December 8, 2011


this addon makes it possible to store newly created bookmarks with a (configurable) remote service

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Aggiunto il December 6, 2011

Cutnote Web Clipper Riavvio richiesto

Help you to save things you see on the web into your Cutnote account.

You can also add tag, comment, edit, organize, drag & drop, search and share these clips.

You can write your own notes too.

100% compatible with Google Notebook.

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Aggiunto il December 5, 2011

Enable Bookmark All Tabs Riavvio richiesto

Enable Bookmark All Tabs

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Aggiunto il December 2, 2011

Wookmark Riavvio richiesto

Wookmark is a tool to save and collect the images you love from your favorite websites.

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Aggiunto il November 28, 2011

AIO Search Toolbar Compatibile con Firefox 57+

AIO Search Firefox Toolbar provides you with an enhanced toolbar for searching on the web by categories and shows results in tabs on .The add-on comes with 'keyword highlighter', 'keyword auto-complete' and context menu options.

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Aggiunto il November 26, 2011

mydiamarks Riavvio richiesto

Begin capturing media moments today with mydiamarks. Never miss a moment again.

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Aggiunto il November 22, 2011

OkosisTest1 Riavvio richiesto


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Aggiunto il November 16, 2011

Beginfo Riavvio richiesto

Easy tool to collect text you find on web pages, and to bookmark your favorite pages. The text and bookmarks you have collected will be visible at your personal page at

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Aggiunto il November 15, 2011

Bring to OneNote Riavvio richiesto

Send text and images to Microsoft Office OneNote from firefox. With section dialog, we can select an OneNote section to store page with title. This add-on must work with "Bring to OneNote" application.

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Aggiunto il November 13, 2011 Riavvio richiesto

Расширение для сервиса закладок

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Aggiunto il November 5, 2011

mixi Checking! Riavvio richiesto


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Aggiunto il November 2, 2011

人人微博分享 Riavvio richiesto


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Aggiunto il November 2, 2011

FireJump Riavvio richiesto

Starten Sie machmal Suchvorgänge, obwohl Sie stets auf das erste Ergebnis klicken? Sparen Sie nun FireJump Zeit und Klicks, indem Sie hier einen Jump einrichten. So wird jede gewünschte Website direkt geöffnet - ohne Umweg über Suchergebnisse.

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Aggiunto il November 1, 2011

quTextMark extension and SciMozFB Plugin Riavvio richiesto

quTextMark-SciMozFB is an Extension/Addon, coupling the higlight facility of TextMarker! 0.3.4 with quoting facility of QuoteURLText 1.0.9b, and a Scintilla (of SciTE) text editor Mozilla plugin (implemented through FireBreath). Currently Linux only.

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Aggiunto il October 30, 2011