donorpreview Riavvio richiesto

Donor page preview tool for SAPE

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DOM Inspector Toolbar Button

Adds DOM Inspector toolbar button

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Reddit Side Toggle Button

Enables a more pleasant experience viewing Reddit on a smaller window by toggling the visibility of the sidebar.

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Delete Tab No Restart

Close the current tab by pressing the key Delete.

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Vimkeys Riavvio richiesto

Adds vim keybindings.

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Flag & Full WHOIS +custom settings

Specifies the country's flag of the server and displays it in the browser line. Return the domain's IP address , information about localization of server, ping, etc. Additionally, the extension provides users the ability to add new services to it.

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Analog Clock


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Cap America: Civil War New Tab

Team Iron Man or Team Cap? You don't have to decide with Captain America: Civil War New Tab! All of your favorite characters from the movie on your new tab! Also includes Ant Man, Black Widow, Black Panther, Hawkeye, Winter Soldier and more!

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remove "recommended" posts (advertisements, market research tools) from tumblr dashboard

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FogFleet Chat - Minimize Button

Adds minimize button to forum chat

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Board Game Geek Classic Theme Extension

Classic theme for Board Game Geek

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AGE (a9lh guide enhancement)

This extension adds extra features for easier tracking of Plailect's arm9loaderhax guide.

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Disable WebRTC Indicator Overlay

Removes the floating overlay that is displayed when the webcam or microphone are accessed. This add-on is meant for use in special environments like embedded applications or kiosk systems and should not be used on normal systems for privacy reasons.

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Zoom JS in/out

A light extension for your modern browser which enables zooming in on elements or rectangles in a document.

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1 unglaubliche Extension

Eine zeitgemäße Extension die eine/ein/einer zu "1" umwandelt.

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Converting a selected PMID to Endnote
How can I download and import references from PubMed's website?

Pubmed2Endnote easily convert your Reference from PubMed to EndNote database.

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Easy YouTube Theme Maker, Easy,Fast And Simple

Change YouTube colors to whatever you like. Make thousands of themes by yourself. Start to have fun!

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Одноклассники - blue style (нет рекламы) Riavvio richiesto

Голубой стиль. Дополнительно уменьшил оценки на фото, чтобы не занимали пол фотографии. Почистил от рекламных блоков.

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Zoom Menu Elements

Zoom all elements by factor 2. It works by setting the value of `layout.css.devPixelsPerPx` to 2.
Enabling and disabling will switch the setting on and of.


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Default Responsive Design View

This add-on starts your browser in responsive design view by default.

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