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JS Switcher

Turns on and off JavaScript

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Google Services Dashboard

Quick access to Google services

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FatWallet Express Riavvio richiesto

FatWallet Express automagically provides Cash Back notifications at over 1,600 participating stores.

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Dutch Dictionary for Spelling Riavvio richiesto

Important!!! If you can't see the Dutch flag, please click View --> Toolbars --> Bookmarks Toolbar . Select a text in Dutch appearing on any web page and get a spelling check for it immediately!

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Spell checker and Grammar checker by Scribens

A powerful, free spelling and grammar checker. Scribens corrects over many types of grammar mistakes and detects repetitions, run-on sentences, redundancies, etc.
Languages: English, French.

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Clean It

One click to clear your cache, cookies, history data.

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VkSaver Riavvio richiesto

VKSaver является удобной и абсолютно бесплатной программой, позволяющей бесплатно скачивать аудиофайлы из социальной сети ВКонтакте

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Pokemon Tribute New Tab

For Pokemon fans! A unique Pokemon wallpaper on every new tab. Includes Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle!

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Redmine Issues Checker

Keep track of Redmine issues assigned to you.

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CherryMusic Control

You use CherryMusic as a standart music player, but it is not very easy to search a tab with CherryMusic, and then click "Pause" or "Next" etc.
Now your life will become abit easier, you have a widget with all buttons you

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Плагин позволит посещать сайты, которые по каким-либо причинам были заблокированы. Доступ к любым сайтам всего в один клик.

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Hadopeer Riavvio richiesto

Rimescolano le tracce! Il nostro modulo ti permette di cambiare il vostro one-click "User-Agent": in altre parole, per simulare utilizzando un browser diverso da Firefox, come Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari o le loro versioni mobili.

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Youtube Convertor 3 Riavvio richiesto

Able to convert videos from YouTube into MP3, AAC, M4A, OGG, WMA, MP4, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MPG and WMV files. This service is completely free, works fast and there is no registration needed, so we don't need any private information about you.

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News360 Periscope Riavvio richiesto

Augments news sites to show all sides of the story

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Facebook Click Riavvio richiesto

This Add-on very good for people who use Facebook. It is the fastest way to Facebook.

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YouTube Video downloader and Converter

This extension helps you to easily download youtube video and converts them automatically to Multiformat. It is very simple, useful and saves you from a lot of work by adding a download button right at the bottom of the youtube video.

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Exposure New Tab

Get a beautiful photo from Exposure every time you open a new tab.

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Link To Hyperlink

Convert links / URLs to Hyperlinks so that those are clickable as well as you can use Right Click and Save As...

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Защита персональных данных гражданина и человека

Приложение помогает осуществлять проверку сайтов на наличие нарушений в сфере персональных данных и их использования. Разработано для сайта

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Semantic Web Search Riavvio richiesto

semantic web application for firefox

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