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Typing Speed

Typing Speed find how fast you type!

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PictureUpload.US Image Uploader

Right click to upload image uploader

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Haxball Room List

Shows the haxball room list.

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WebDav Open Riavvio non richiesto

Possibility to open Office document as web location

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let you do Whatsapp using your Notebook keyboard.

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Share this page Riavvio non richiesto

The fastest way to send your friend a link! - share the current web page on Facebook, Twitter, Email, via the toolbar...

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Timezone Converter by

This Time Zone Converter calculates the time difference between several locations. So you will not miss out any program tv show from other side . Like football match or other activity you love share with friend in other timezone.

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TabCollector Riavvio non richiesto

"Garbage collector" for tabs. Automatically closes least recently used tab when limit is reached.
Beware of default limit! It's set to 10.
I recommend setting it to 25 or so.

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Hash decrypt/encrypt
Hash Identify
Network Tools
Google with operators
Torrent Search

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Grammar Checker by Proofread Bot

Check the grammar, style and plagiarism of your text with Proofread Bot.

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Türkçe Kur'an-ı Kerim Meali

İnternet bağlantısına gerek duymadan kuran mealinden faydalanabilirsiniz.

Meal Yazarı : Prof. Dr. Suat Yıldırım
Veritabanı :

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Journaux Quotidiens Algeriens Riavvio non richiesto

Add-on du Journal Quotidien pour navigation les journaux quotidiens algeriens

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source code of a webpage

source code of any webpage

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Mah Jong Connect

Combine matching tiles to clear the board. Tiles shift downwards when a space is cleared beneath them. Work fast, because the clock is ticking!

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Mahjong 1

Try to find two matching tiles to remove them. Try to get a clear playfield.

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ShareYourPass - A Bugmenot Alternative 1.0

In a click of a button you will get a list of public logins to use to access various websites. only allows websites that provides FREE OPEN registration only - No Paid or Subscription access.

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MP3 Converter

MP3 converter is a free mp3 and video converter/downloader add on. You can convert your youtube, daily motion, social cam, and a abundance of other videos to the mp3 format by using this software.

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Heavy lifting for SDP framework

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pornsite blocker Riavvio non richiesto

For blocking porn or harm site, may useful for protect your kids or computer to access the site.

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Translator Gucker

Your selected text will be translated by google translator into any of the top 20 languages by simply rightclicking the context menu

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