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History Rewrite Riavvio richiesto

John Heffron's History Rewrite -- A life-saving browser Add-on!
With a quick "Alt+Y" all your tabs are closed, history cleared and then re-written with new sites! No more fumbling for the mouse when someone walks in!

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Ewhois Riavvio richiesto

Created for which allows you find out websites belong to the same owner.

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Log Helper Riavvio richiesto

This is a basic utility to manage logging from within the application, for help with debugging.

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Death Dreams Plugin

Fuer alle Liebhaber!

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Youtube subscriptioner Riavvio richiesto

An extension that allows the retrieval and viewing of youtube subscription videos.

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Bookmark By Tag Riavvio richiesto

can search by tag..
This addon is under alpha lifecycle.It's a company experimental lab test.Hence,User can download for educational purpose only.
Very soon we will launch it ...happy coding ..

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RightClickXSS Riavvio richiesto

This addon adds a right-click menu option to insert sample XSS payloads into textboxes for security testing. Useful for security researchers or developers testing for cross-site scripting in web applications.

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Facebridge - The Best Facebook proxy

Bypass Firewalls and access Facebook anywhere.
Just click on the bottom right Facebook icon and you are good to go.

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AlphaProtector Riavvio richiesto

Alpha Protector for FireFox is an Anti-Crimeware browser plugin that protects your browser from various types of key stroke logging methods such as hook based, form grabbing and injection.

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MAB Riavvio richiesto

Tool for searching amazon catalogs and browsing their...

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Tags Everywhere Riavvio richiesto

Do you like web 2.0 style? Do you like tags and tag clouds? Would you like to see tags on every site you browse?...

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openinfocard Identity Selector Riavvio richiesto

Adds Information Card support to Firefox

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Recently Used Bookmarks Folder Riavvio richiesto

Add a toolbar button Recently Used Bookmarks Folder

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Jobs Finder Tool Riavvio richiesto

Select liked job/vacancy/info keyword(s) on the page and get all possible proposals based on our jobs meta search engine

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YouSendIt for Webmail Riavvio richiesto

Attach and send large files directly from your Gmail, Hotmail and Aol Mail environments with the YouSendit for Webmail browser extensions. Never again have an email bounced-back because you've exceeded attachment size limits.

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Free Search & Youtube HD Video Downloader FREE

Youtube Video Search Engine Watch Live And Download free
Mp3 , Wallpaper,Software Search And Download free

Flash Video Downloader helps you download any video (flv, mp4, HD) from YouTube, Facebook, Break, Metacafe and more in one click.

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Windows NT Chart

Easily find the common name for all Windows NT versions with this convenient popup chart.
Have the Windows NT history at your fingertips with the push of a button!

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什么值得买 实时推送


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Plain Text Offenders

This addon notifies you if the current website has any entries on catalogs websites that are improperly handling user passwords.

This addon is not affiliated with

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pkrss Riavvio richiesto

pkrss is one rss tools, it embed
contact with google rss feed,join in multi lanauage support,if default panel has no feed,your can search some feed by keyword in topbar.

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