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- szybsze wklejanie linków do ściągnięcia bez konieczności ich kopiowania,
- możliwość wklejania linków bezpośrednio do wtyczki,
- sprawdzanie stanu ważności konta bez wchodzenia na

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Индивидуальный фильтр web контента

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Cobra Online Security ATD

Protects your privacy from Phishing, Scamming, Malwares, Harmful Js and online threats. Advance Threat Defense for your browser.

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Cool Youtube Lyrics

Adjustable autoscrolling Lyrics, can search lyrics in several sites simultaneously, hides ADs, and presents a customizable eyecandy interface.

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Micro condivisione, evidenziare e condividere

Un clic per condividere testo, immagine o pagina evidenziando con 80 + servizi sociali (spazio per 1,8 miliardi di persone)

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Ogame - Helper

* Shows the time, which is needed till a building, ship, etc. can be built.
* Shows the maximum buildable pieces of ships and defence.
* Adds direct links to the galaxy menu, so that debris fields can be mined easily.

Icon: Victor Erixon

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Google +1 Button Extension Riavvio richiesto

Enables recommending pages with Google's new +1 button on every page, even if the button was not installed on that page.

In Firefox 4, turn on either the "Menu Bar" or the "Add-On Bar..." to adjust settings of this extension (currently only ON/OFF).

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Youtube to audio converter Riavvio richiesto

Get the fastest and more convenient Converter YouTube to MP3 with our add-on!

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InTheFuture Riavvio richiesto

Replaces moving forward with in the future

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Proxy Finder (IP Switcher)

Proxy Finder is an advanced proxy management tool. With Proxy Finder, you can easily change your geo-location in one click!

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Email This Image Riavvio richiesto

Ever wanted to attach IMG from sites and send it? look no further, we got what you want!
Stand on a IMG you want, right click on the mouse and choose "Email This Image".
Working with Gmail/Yahoo/Default mail application.
Don't forget to rate us!

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No Ads!

NO ADS on your favorite Web-sites!
Ваши любимые сайты без рекламы!

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UniverseView Extension

UniverseView is a fast and fun OGame add-on. Find planets everywhere and make the way you play OGame more efficient and effective!

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Network Bandwidth Saver

A simple add-on for low bandwidth users that loads images only when they are in visible screen area.
Websites usually need a lot of bandwidth due to heavy usage of images. This add-on delays loading of images until they appear in the visible screen.

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Page Rank Checker Riavvio richiesto

Page Rank Checker: Check Google Page Rank in live mode

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Google Maps Saved Locations Riavvio richiesto

Adds Saved Locations functionality to Google Maps

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Video Preview

Video Preview will bring to you amazing experience when watching video. If you want to read comments with watching video, don’t worry about it. Video Preview will helps you.

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Site Blocker

Site Blocker - a simple site blocker that takes a list of comma separated web sites

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Clear Your History Riavvio richiesto

Clear Your History - history cleaner for Firefox.

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Selenium IDE: Implicit Wait Riavvio richiesto

This plugin allows Selenium IDE to automatically wait until all the required elements are present before executing the next command. It replicates the behaviour of the setImplicitWait method present in Selenium 2 WebDriver.

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