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Add Image to iPhoto

Adds an "Add Image to iPhoto" option to the contextual menu you get when you right-click on images in Firefox. Choosing this immediately sends the image to iPhoto.

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Pageshots for yandex

Show thumbnails of websites in yandex search results.

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Restart again

It is very small add-on which is used to restart firefox without restarting it, just click on it, it refreshes your browser without closing it, so there is uninterrupted browsing.... So, Restart firefox without restarting it...

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Kahuna - Movie Trailers In Netflix

Have you ever dropped a Netflix movie after watching its first 20 minutes? With Kahuna you'll never get into this again. Kahuna brings trailers for almost any movie on Netflix. Click on trailer before starting a movie and never get disappointed again

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Youtube Movie Downloader

Download Videos directly from Youtube

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iDislike Riavvio non richiesto

Dislike Away ©

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Amazon Affiliate Fox

Automatically adds your Amazon Tracking-IDs to (.de,, .ca,, .fr, .it, .es, .cn)
Generating direct links to the products without unnecessary redirects.

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Custom Bar

This is a custom bar

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FreeShare Image Uploader

Upload images directly to FreeShare via Right Click

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Постсовет Riavvio non richiesto

Самые обсуждаемые, актуальные и важные события/новости/статьи/обсуждения прямо в вашем браузере.

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Netflix Playlist

Create playlists on Netflix

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The Night Owl Riavvio non richiesto

Night mode for Firefox. If You're night owl, You'll love it. It's way easier to use it than to describe it. Part of Just Disable Stuff 1.2, extracted out into distinct plugin to keep JDS KISS-ish.

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2КОМ Riavvio non richiesto

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Invia a telefono mobile (Drop2Mobile)

Invia Link to Mobile Phone Extension aggiunge un pulsante al browser che consente di inviare facilmente collegamento (URL) della pagina corrente al dispositivo Android.

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Facebook Downloader Videos

Add a download button to get video!
Instructions :
1. Copy url of video and open in new window.
2. Click "Download Video".
3. Right-Click "Save As."

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Scrapbook Lite

Save pages like scrapbook,and manage them with default bookmarks manager.

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Ivy Video Converter Extension

Ivy Video Converter Extension allows you to add videos to Ivy’s download list from within Firefox. This means you can convert any video you are currently watching for your iPod or other portable device easily. The extension allows you to...

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SMSalias MozClient

SMSalias is a Firefox/Thunferbird extension that enables you to send SMS messages directly from Browser/email application...

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Insomnia Forum Menu

Navigate the Insomnia Forum ...

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ImagePile right-click

The Imagepile right-click extension allows you to move your mouse over any web image, right click on that image and seemlessly upload it to imagepile which then opens in a new tab as not to disrupt your browsing with a link to your...

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