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GazoPa Similar Image Search Riavvio richiesto

GazoPa is an image search engine that use color and/or shape to search for similar images. Right click on any images on the web and similar images can be searched.

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Zorro de Traductor

A Firefox addon that translate text selections from or to Spanish

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Styles and skins for all popular sites in the web

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Simple Form History Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Automatically stores the latest data in input fields as you type. Alpha release. Feedback for new features are appreciated.

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Vimeo Downloader Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Download vimeo videos with a single click

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如意淘:同款比价,价格曲线,降价提醒 Riavvio richiesto


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ImageShack right-click Riavvio richiesto

Upload to ImageShack via the context menu.

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256 utenti preview Riavvio richiesto

With thebit.lyPreview Plugin for Firefox, whenever you hover over abit.lyURL on any web page, we display a tooltip showing the Page Title, Long URL, and any Click Data we have about the page the URL links to. If you hover over another short URL,http:...

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FireLogger Riavvio richiesto

Logging support for web developers (PHP, Python, ColdFusion)

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Validator Riavvio richiesto

Firebug extension to validate HTML.

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ScrapBook CHM Creator Riavvio richiesto

An add-on for the Scrapbook/Scrapbook+ extensions to create Windows HTML Help.

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Casey Case Converter Riavvio richiesto

Transforms strings in text-boxes to proper cases.

- Proper case
- UPPERcase
- lowercase

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PAYBACK Internet Assistent (PIA) Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Keine Punkte mehr verpassen und dadurch mehr Punkte fürs PAYBACK Konto!
In Zukunft wird das Online Punkten mit PIA noch einfacher: Der Punktesammel-Alarm erinnert an das Online Punkten und top-aktuelle Aktionen unserer Online Shops.

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13.271 utenti Music Downloader

Music downloader for (new design)
A accound is required.
Based on:

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XE Currency Converter

The Full Mobile Currency Converter lets you calculate currency rates for every world currency

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Wrap Switcher

Allow switch textarea “word wrap” attribute from them context menu.

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metrika-info Riavvio richiesto

плагин предназначен для проверки в браузере работы кода счетчика яндекс.метрики

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Yahoo Mail Notification

Our extension provides real-time Yahoo Mail alerts and one-click access to your inbox. It also provides an opt-in experience to the users to change their search engine and homepage to Yahoo, if not already.

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Play All Riavvio richiesto

Read with one click all the linked multimedia files of the current page into your favourite player...

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Copy and Paste Riavvio richiesto

Synchronizes the text clipboard between multiple computers even between Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Copy and paste text across computers with ctrl+c and ctrl+v.

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