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iProxy for IIT Madras

Automatic proxy switcher for IIT Madras students and campus residents.
Dynamically switches between HProxy and direct connection based on the website.

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Youtube Dark Style Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Youtube Dark Theme with Blue Accent

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Aare Tracker vom lueku Riavvio richiesto

Displays temperature of the river Aare and the weather conditions in Bern (Switzerland).
Zeigt die Temperatur der Aare und Wetterprognose in Bern an.
Indique la temperature de l'Aar et le temps à Berne.
Firefox Extension / Add-on

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KickAssTorrent Search Riavvio richiesto

Select some text, right-click and choose "KickAss Search" in the menu, a new tab will open with the searched text.

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mydrops Riavvio richiesto

MyDrops e' un programma di fundraising utilizzabile gratuitamente da parte delle Onlus.
Le donazioni si basano sugli acquisti effettuati normalmente online.
Per il sostenitore è una donazione virtuale, per la Onlus e' una donazione reale.

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Twitch Disable Whisper

Removes the whispers from twitch completley.

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CloudHole Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Cross-website CloudFlare cookies

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Create your step-by-step tutorials in minutes.

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Одноклассники™ Image ZOOM

Одноклассники™ Image ZOOM. Фотографии увеличиваются при наведении.

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Glider Screen Share

A screen sharing extension for

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PassLok for Email Compatibile con Firefox 57+

High security email encryption for Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook online. PassLok is in no way associated with those services.
Easy to use, powerful extension, which includes message hiding, forward secrecy and attachments, and runs also on Chrome.

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ProofHQ Rich Media Review Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Create comments with snapshots for HTML5 banners and Rich Media proofs

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Synchronously play your videos in two browsers.

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Alpheios Greek Tools Riavvio richiesto

Extension for reading and learning Ancient Greek. Requires the Alpheios Basic Libraries extension, available at

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Mobile Dyslexic

Mobile Dyslexic replaces all fonts of all web pages with carefully crafted special font which is easier to read by people with dyslexia.

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Is It Worth My Time?

A little clock appears next to prices anywhere you shop online - hover it to see how much time you have to work to buy things!

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Waves Nx Extension Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Enables audio manipulation on songs and videos.

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Screen Capturing Extension

This extension is for capture the contents of the screen. It doesn't do anything except capture content of your screen.

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Seolib Search Toolbar New Riavvio richiesto

Нумерует поисковую выдачу во всех поисковиках и подсвечивает одинаковые урлы в Контексте и Органике

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Financez gratuitement des associations grâce à vos recherches internet faites sur

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