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a basic add-on

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This add-on removes advertisement from moto(.)kiev(.)ua site

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Mobile one time password (mOTP) generator

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Moujaz Summary

Summarizes web articles in few meaningful sentences.
Press the top/right button "Moujaz" to summarize the current page or right click a link and select "Moujaz Summary" to summarize an article in real time

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Mountains HD New Tab Theme

Images of HD mountains for your new tab page

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Mouse Click Counter Riavvio richiesto

Egér kattintás számláló.

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Mouse Gesture Events

Control your browser faster and easier with gestures using mouse movement.

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Mouse Gestures Suite Riavvio richiesto

Mouse gestures for SeaMonkey & Firefox: navigate & execute commands using mouse gestures (with single mouse button) and rocker gestures (by pressing 2 mouse buttons). Also: scroll wheel navigation, page scrolling, tab scrolling.

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Mouse Paste n Go

Use MiddleClick or ALT+LeftClick to Copy,Paste and Paste n Go.
Works on Websites and the Firefox UI´s URL-Bar and Search-bar :)

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MouseControl Riavvio richiesto

Enables user-defined "natural mouse combinations" to trigger customizable functions.

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MouseHunt HornTracker for Firefox Riavvio richiesto

HornTracker is an add-on designed to track your MouseHunt horn calls and send the data to a database to be used in real-time. That data is stored in a database that can then be used to gather meaningful information about the game.

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For a mouseless future.

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Mouseless Browsing Riavvio richiesto

Mouseless Browsing (MLB) enables you to browse the web entirely with the keyboard. The basic principle is to add small boxes with unique ids behind every link and/or form element. You just have to type in the id to trigger the corresponding action i....

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Mouseless Dvorak

For a mouseless future.

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Mouseover Bookmarks Toolbar

Move your mouse over a folder on the Bookmarks Toolbar to open it immediately, rather than having to click.

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MouseoverDictionary Riavvio richiesto


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Mouser Part Search Riavvio richiesto

The Mouser Part Search Add-on delivers part information and availability to your browser when you need it. Simply highlight any part number or keyword on any site and instantly preview search results and part details without leaving the current site.

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MouseZoom Riavvio richiesto

Zoom with the mouse...

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Movable Titlebar Buttons

Movable Titlebar Buttons allows you to move the titlebar buttons on Windows 10 (only).

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MovableReload29 Riavvio richiesto

You can customize the place of reload button on Firefox29 and above.

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