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My Youtube™

Never miss another video of your favorite Youtubers.
If the extension doesn't work, get the LATEST version from here: because Mozilla takes a while to approve new versions.

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new tab and search

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My-Musix for Firefox

This extension adds YouTube or Vimeo links to your personal My-Musix library

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my-spambox Riavvio richiesto

Create a temporary e-mailadress for 12 hours. Perfect when signing up on websites or forums and dont want to give away your personal e-mailadress...

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Adds a 25px thick red border to all webpages matching

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Sammeln Sie Ihre besten Web-Fundstücke & verdichten ganz einfach das Web aufs Wesentliche. Organisieren Sie all die interessanten Textpassagen, Bilder & Videos – die Ihnen im Web begegnen. Greifen Sie von überall darauf zu & teilen Sie mit anderen.

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MyAero Plug-in

Helps you Pre Alerting Packages purchased online and handled by Aeropost

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MyAirline Trick Riavvio richiesto

Visualizzatore mappe aeroporti per

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Myanmar Converter Riavvio richiesto

Converts Myanmar webpages in ZawGyi encoding to Unicode 5.1.
မြန်မာ ဝက်ဘ်​စာ​မျက်နှာ​မှာ ဇော်​ဂျီး​က ယူ​နီ​ကုတ် ၅ ဒသမ ၁ အထိ ပြောင်း​ပါ​သည်။

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Myanmar fonts package

Myanmar fallback font for Firefox for Android

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Myanmar Language System

Myanmar System Writter

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MyanmarFontTagger Riavvio richiesto

Tag the right font for encoding by detecting between Zawgyi and Unicode

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MyAthens Toolbar Riavvio richiesto

Designed to assist existing MyAthens users manage their accounts and navigate between resources.

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myBase/Webcollect Riavvio richiesto

Capture webpages from Mozilla Firefox and save with myBase Desktop 7.x

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Make browser become a EPUB reader with pure power of HTML and Javascript!

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MyBookmarks Riavvio richiesto

(alt. "BookmarksHome" for Firefox1.5)

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Cloud Based Working Space

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MyBrowserPage - Your Browser's Homepage Riavvio richiesto

MyBrowserPage is an innovative Startpage in Metro-style, contains links to the most popular websites like Facebook, a series of links to utilities, Integrated search/viewer for Music and Video and web-search with the major search engines.

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Watch Vimeo, Dailymotion and Youtube videos simultaneously with your contacts : start/pause videos, change from a video to another, go back and forth the video, and chat together !

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MyContents Riavvio richiesto

'MyContents' app can be used to create your own (web) contents from daily used sites. Take into your hands the organizing of regularly accessed web content!

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