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FB Scam Detector

Facebook Scam Detector prevents Facebook users from being a victim of scam messages.

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YouTube mp3 Converter. Riavvio richiesto

Download YouTube videos as mp3

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Human Coders News

Vous pouvez poster une news à partir de n'importe quel site web en un clic !

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Search quick scroll BETA

This extensions allows you to immediately find the text you are searching for on long pages.

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Temperature Converter

Convert among Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Rankine & Reamur. Create direct link to any of your conversions

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open new mozilla firefox web in new tab

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StranaGruzov - расширение

Хватит кормить жуликов на рынке грузоперевозок! Теперь получить информацию о фирме можно прямо со страницы

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Find and replace Riavvio richiesto

Easily find and replace words or sentence in web pages. Useless...

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IMDb & Rotten Tomatoes ratings for Watchever

This extension seamlessly adds the ratings from IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes into the watchever web interface. Each movie and series detail page gets two more rating rows (if the movie/series can be found in IMDb).

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Source Templates Generator

Send the current URL to the source templates generator, to parse web page metadata and content and generate source templates to be used as references for Wikipedia articles.

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FrF Helpers

Makes images from FriendFeed show in browser instead of downloading them

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Angle Conversion

Convert among measure of angle viz., degree, radian, mil, grad, minute, second, point, circle etc.

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Selenium IDE: Codeception Formatters Riavvio richiesto

Codeception PHP code formatters for Selenium IDE

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diaspora* Advanced Sharer

A button to share on diaspora* via diaspora* Advanced Sharer ( ).

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DeferredTo faster Firefox web browsing

DeferredTo strives faster web page loading. This extension loads content which is in the visible area of the page first. It defers loading of content that is below the visible screen. Large size content loaded just in time: images, media and frames

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59 utenti UI Improvements Riavvio richiesto

Adds some features to the web pages to make editing/translating easier.

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Convert Annual Percent Rate to Annual Percent Yield based on various compounding methods ranging from daily to yearly

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1 utente Writing Service Riavvio richiesto

Leave your homework to a professional essay service – the one we are! Essays Writers will do your writing schoolwork, and you won’t even notice it. 10$/page - that’s how cheap our services are! Free revisions on all orders! Only at!

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Albomio – це можливість для колекціонування та впорядкування зображень, які вам подобаються. Текстовий опис до кожної світлини, теги для пошуку, групування світлин за темами в альбоми – ось короткий, але не вичерпний перелік можливостей.

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