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Cycle Collector Analyzer, about:ccdump Riavvio non richiesto

Display the graph created by cycle collector. Open "about:ccdump" page after the installation.

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Guia Fácil 1.0.4

Tenha o guia mais completo de Santa Catarina agora em seu Firefox, sempre na mão, no seu navegador favorito!

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SF-Infos est un plugin pour les joueurs de Shakes & Fidget, il fournis des informations afin d'aider le jouer (info sur les monstre dans les donjons, aide au choix de quête ...)

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Select a word in a webpage and right click mouse and choose WikiThisNow to view a pop up box with the Wikipedia article about it. Click outside of pop up to remove it.

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Biz Scrambler

A great place to find local business reviews, recommendations, ratings, comments, social media, and more.

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Тулбар для управления плеером ВК. Теперь вы можете переключить текущий трек, промотать, изменить громкость или остановить воспроизведение - все это доступно в один клик прямо с панели инструментов.

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Rush Buyer


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kogda-igra-add Riavvio non richiesto

Дополнение позволяет в один клик добавить анонс игры или другого мероприятия для рассмотрения редакторами

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این افزونه به منظور ارسال اس ام اس توسط رضا درودی ساخته شده است
با کلیک بر روی آیکون می توانید از طریق وب سایت شرکت اسپاد به ارسال اس ام اس بپردازید
( )

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Paste and Search (Forms) reloaded Riavvio non richiesto

paste and search in form fields.

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ASMS Uncoacher

Detects the proxy's warning pages and automatically bypasses them. Also grants access to certain blocked domains by brute forcing.

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Home Dash Lite-Dial Riavvio non richiesto

這個是依照實驗室中的附加元件Home Dash所簡化出來的,簡化動作使得改造後的擴充元件本身極度不穩定,所以僅供參考用途,切勿裝在你正在使用的profile當中,免得出問題…

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Secure Password Maker Flyout

Secure Password Maker, or Random Password Generator... A quick tool to make a secure random password for any online account. SSL enabled. This is the first all secure all encrypted password creation tool.

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Get an instant and up to date list of all the new arrivals at WoowNow right from your browser.

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Sök på Prisjakt

Högerklicka på ett ord eller markering -> Sök på

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gets APOD

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post2friendica Riavvio non richiesto

Allows users to share images, links, the page URL or a selection on their Friendica account easily.

Note: Rich-text editor in Friendica needs to be enabled.

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FLC Link

Link to Fort Lewis college homepage appears in lower right hand corner

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CMD-Q Catcher Riavvio non richiesto

Catches CMD-Q, mac users know the problem, if a pc users trys to enter a @, they often press cmd-q and by that close firefox. This addon prevents the close on first CMD-Q press, if you realy intend to close firefox you have to press it twice

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