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New Tab Mod

A lightweight and functional extension that adds your favorite set of links to each new tab.

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149 utenti URL shortener Riavvio non richiesto

This is the URL shortener add-on. With this add-on you can shorten your URL without leaving the current page.
All your URL's shortened with add-on will be tracked by analytics solution to give you advanced statistics.

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Separated Values Formatter

A plugin to add a separated values formatter to Selenium-IDE

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504 utenti images with right-click

Uploads All kind of images from other sites to our Free Image Hosting site with Right Click Menu with Just One Click.This plugin allows you to easily host any jpg, png, or gif image

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GrooveControl Riavvio non richiesto

GrooveControl allows you to do basic controls of grooveshark's functionality when you have it open in another tab.

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Desvira Link

Desviralink was created to solve the problem with sites that offer downloadable link to the contrary.

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ThunderTranslator: Thai-English instant translator

English-Thai-English instant word translation with Thai language segmentation

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SortFix Search Extension

SortFix simply a better search.
The extension is enhancing Google's search and many other search engines.

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Essential Baby Items Deal Tracker: Diapers/Formula

Based on our popular site -, this toolbar button easily allows you to track daily sales and deals on all essential baby items, such as diapers, formula, and baby wipes.

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bug555474 Riavvio non richiesto

Workaround Bug 555474 - While bookmark is dragged, the tooltip should not appear
This was fixed in places build on 04/Apr/2011.

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Wiki Math Converter

If you have technical problems with viewing math expressions from Wkipedia. Try this.


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Friends on Netflix

See your friend's ratings within

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Now, it's easier than ever to create shorturls. Do you want to shorten the URL of an webpage? Just click the vamu icon and... that's it! Easy, huh?

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36 utenti - Geld sparen und verdienen

Dieses Addon benachrichtigt Sie automatisch über mögliche Verdienste und Provisionen, wenn Sie eine bei uns gelistete Website besuchen.

So verdienen Sie bares Geld beim Shopping im Internet, beim Anmelden in Communities, usw.

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Championship standings and ratings.
Now available data on football, tennis, biathlon, hockey, formula1, NBA, etc.
Статистические спортивные данные в таблицах.
Сейчас доступны данные по футболу, теннису, биатлону, хоккею, формуле1, NBA, nascar и др

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DHS Facebook Unblock

Plugin to get around the Washtenaw County Facebook block.

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Status Watch Riavvio non richiesto

Shows a notification if any HTTP requests on the page fail.

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Amazon Shortcut

This add-on makes searching on Amazon so much easier! No matter what the current page is, one could just click on AmazonShortcut button and the latest keywords will be automatically used to search on amazon.

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Stock Viewer

China Stock Viewer

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