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Starts Prolific from your toolbar

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Aggiunge alcune piccole Utility alle pagine di PopMundo (

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Сброс поисковых настроек Riavvio non richiesto

Сброс поисковых настроек для русской версии Firefox.

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Turanslit is transliteration tool for Azerbaijani and Turkish languages.

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Dating Accelerator

Auto-login to any Dating Site anytime your online.

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Control animation of gif files via context menu.
NOTE: This version is hacked by another author to install in Firefox 3.6, by giving it a chrome.manifest file. I created the manifest mostly by guesswork but it appears to work!

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Startlap Eszköztár

Eszköztár a Startlap oldalhoz

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Restore Open_External

Restores the functionality of the '' preference that was removed in Firefox 3.5+

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Rebrands Iceweasel back to Firefox

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Makes the whole internets grey with plain fonts.

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sMashinoy Notify

Уведомления о новых событиях в социальной сети сМашиной.ру

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This add-on modifies HTTP request (outgoing) and response (incoming) headers based on JSON metadata blocks embedded in the DOM by the user. This allows for hassle-free per-URL control of headers even when Javascript is disabled.

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Barre d'outils Bloodwars

Une extension pour le jeu en ligne BloodWars.

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Référencer sur Knowtex

Référencez des liens sur Knowtex en un clic.

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eBay Worldwide - Currency Converter - Calculator

eBay Worldwide, Power Tool includes, US, AU, UK, CA, Ireland, Belgium, France & more, easily change your eBay country. Shop eBay with one click in your own country and currency. Calculator, length converter, currency converter. Supported since 2005

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Musulman Toolbar

Musulman Toolbar blocks 99% of Porn sites. It categorises sites by 'Mostly Halaal', 'Some Haraam' or 'Mostly Haraam'. 'Mostly Haraam' sites include Hate, Blasphemy and Pornography. A free initial registration code is provided. It includes search.

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Quick ROT ciphers

Quickly apply the ROT13 or ROT47 substitution ciphers to arbitrarily selected text.

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