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Undo Tab @ps Riavvio richiesto

Add a toolbar button onto any toolbar to undo closed tabs

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DoubleClickSearch Riavvio richiesto

Search selected text in new tab by double right click.

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InstagramSpot Riavvio richiesto

A lightweight instagram profile viewer! InstagramSpot is designed for an easy way to access and view Instagram profiles. It does this by finding an Instagram user based on their ID and redirecting you to their page automatically.

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Floraqueen ( FR ) Riavvio richiesto

FloraQueen dispose d’un nouveau plug-in de recherche qui vous permettra de trouver les fleurs les plus fraîches en fonction de leur destination, et des cadeaux au meilleur prix.

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Fireword Gen

Fireword password generator for Firefox. Generate safe password from right within the Firefox. Give Fireword a simple easy to remember (but fairly unique) pattern for each site like MyBlueFacebook and get a completely different and strong password.

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Snapbugz Riavvio richiesto

Snapbugz is the simplest free Bugtracker you will ever use. Enter a URL, annotate the screen, invite and discuss your result. Done. Bugtracking as easy as 1-2-3.

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Linkifies un-linked dogecoin addresses across the web

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бойкот Партії Регіонів

Boycott web resources belonging to members of the Party of Regions. Бойкот web ресурсів, що належать членам Партії Регіонів (Україна). Виводитиме повідомлення при потраплянні на ці сайти.
Based onБойкот_Партії_регіонів

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Close Tab #

Close any tabs numbered 1-8 with the keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+{number}.

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Block Content (img,css,js,...) Riavvio richiesto

Block download of any of the following:
Image, Script, Stylesheet, Font (@font-face), Audio/Video, IFrame, Object (like flash and java applets)

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Subscribe to feed

Let Firefox notify you when a new post is published. Even when you're away from this website.

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Does Creatine Work Riavvio richiesto

Does Creatine Work? What Everybody Ought To Know. An information portal dedicated to educating the consumer on one of the most widely used and well researched sports supplements. Includes dosage, safe and links to other authority sites.

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AAU Moodle Optimizer

Improves AAU's Moodle, inspired by Thomas Panum's extensions for Chrome and Safari. Removes the confusing background and centers the AAU logo.

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Job Search Riavvio richiesto

Job Search lets you quickly search and sends you the latest jobs based on your job keyword and location right to your browser.

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A Redweb Labs add-on for making online retailing frictionless. Will try to jump you to the best page for Male or Female clothes based on your preferences.

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Scroll buttons Riavvio richiesto

Scroll Buttons allow you to reach the top or bottom of the page quickly

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Convierte los precios de varios sitios de compra/venta en Bitcoins, basandose en la cotizacion del dia.
Si te gustó la idea, invitame una birra 1DQnv7Fcm51TvLg5uQbu5FFsfUnjH5CWPN

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Tagific, it's the extension allowing you to tag the whole web, with any kind of emotion you like. Tag any page, image, video. Share your opinions and see real time other users thoughts. Follow your friends, and every trending buzz around the world!

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Tab Statistics

Provides tab statistics such as the count, average, rate, and tab history.

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SlideMe Button

Open the SlideMe, Appstore with just one click!

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