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A PurpleBunny!

With a PurpleBunny, you can quickly and easily read and write comments about the web page you're viewing. You can praise a page, ask a question, read comments about an entire site, discuss the content of a web page with other web surfers -- the...

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Finds directions on Google and Yahoo Maps based on your selected text and one of various home addresses that you can store.

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MailNull Now!

An on-the-fly interface for easy creation of new addresses for, which provides an email anonymization and categorization service. This extension lets you control all aspects of address creation, with comments, passwords, timeouts, and...

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Save pictures from the web or your computer as your phone wallpapers.

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AJAX Yahoo! Mail [Viamatic WebMail++]

Preview your messages with a single click. Adds AJAX support to the classic Yahoo! mail.

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Browse and search flickr photos in a sidebar. Flickrfox provides an easy way for Flickr group administrators to monitor their group...

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TAW3 with a click

Web Accessibility Test.

You can have an idea, with a single click, of how accesible web sites are.

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Auto Browser Closer

Allows you to set a Firefox close-timer that will exit Firefox after five minutes.

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Menu Bar for de Dekazeta Community Forums, with a lots of new characteristics...

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Best Firefox Image Uploader (integrates Imgur, Photobucket, and ImageShack)
Supports logging in with your account, synchronization of pre-existing images, uploading of clipboard, dynamic template system for copying image(s) BBCode or HTML source code

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Adds a toolbar and a popup meny with BBCode specific for the Swedish forum Originally based on Jed Browns BBCode extension, but later rewritten from scratch...

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Greek textbox

Creates a toolbar which contains a textbox that automatically converts greeklish text to Greek text. It's usefull for those who can't/don't want to install the Greek keyboard...

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How'd I Get Here

Helps you remember how you first discovered a site. Click the toolbar button to go to the site that first referred you to the current...

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My Portal

A live web page of your bookmark hierarchy. Leave My Portal open in a tab to easily browse, search, and open your bookmarks and live...

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Confuses your text message a tad, by randomizing the letters in the selected words, so that only the first and last letters are kept in place. ...

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TSG Navigator

Navigate the TSG...

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MyVmarks Tools

Tools to access MyVmarks online bookmark manager

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Extended Cookie Manager

Easier cookie managment for Firefox

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SnapBack similar to Apple's Safari. Save an URL as "waypoint". Follow as many links as you want and then jump...

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Cookie Button

Permette di accedere facilmente ai permessi dei cookie tramite un pulsante per le barre degli strumenti

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