Integrazione OS

  • Gradient iCool (Blue)

    Light up your Firefox with this black and blue theme.
    11.796 utenti
  • Pinguin

    Un thème avec des petits pingouins conçu entièrement avec des icônes de ma création et dont toutes les fenêtres sont personnalisées.
    Il fonctionne parfaitement sous tous OS et Windows 7. Ok avec Firefox 3.0, 28.0
    11.154 utenti
  • GNOME 3

    GNOME 3 theme for Firefox — Previously known as "Adwaita"
    10.912 utenti
  • Qute 3++

    Simple and unobtrusive theme with clear, colorful icons. Recreated using the icons from the original Qute 3 icon set, to work on Firefox 3 and above.

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    10.820 utenti
  • rein

    das Monochrom
    9.428 utenti
  • Qute

    Simple and unobtrusive with clear, colorful icons.
    9.358 utenti
  • Simple Green

    A refreshingly clean, compact theme combination for both Mozilla Firefox and its companion mailnews client, Thunderbird.

    NOTE: Earlier versions and theme customization instructions are available on my site.
    7.738 utenti
  • Aero Improved

    A mixture of the gray default theme and the default Aero theme, optimized for non-default Aero window colors.
    7.369 utenti
  • Qute 4++

    Simple and unobtrusive theme with clear, colorful icons. Recreated using the icons from the new Qute 4 icon set, to work on Firefox 4 and above.

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    7.257 utenti
  • RedShift V3

    RedShift V3 will no longer be supported, please update to V4.
    See description for link or use the addon search.
    7.189 utenti
  • Qute Classic

    A port of the classic Qute Firefox theme by Arvid Axelsson. This theme contains elements from the pre-1.0 version of Qute, mainly the larger toolbar buttons, and some other graphic updates from Firefox 2, 3, 3.5, and 3.6.
    7.072 utenti
  • Strata RELOADED

    Firefox's Strata theme - reloaded: with new icons, hover effects and redesigned dialogue windows for Windows 7 and Linux
    6.891 utenti
  • Firefox 3 Aero theme for Firefox 4+

    Experience the benefits of Firefox 4 (or later) with the colorful toolbar goodness of Firefox 3 Aero (Win Vista/7 theme)!

    *** This addon is no longer being maintained; please read the NOTE in the "About this Add-on" details below to see why! ***
    6.805 utenti
  • MacOSX Theme

    MacOSX theme for Firefox 3.6
    6.735 utenti
  • Black Steel

    Black Steel Theme
    A dark sleek theme
    6.126 utenti
  • mx4

    Maxthon like theme for Firefox
    5.643 utenti