Integrazione OS

  • Qute 5++

    [Windows, Mac OS X, Linux] Customized version of Arvid Axelsson, gigaherz and Murphy's great theme.
    2.436 utenti
    207 download settimanali
  • Just Black

    Black variation of the original Firefox 3 theme
    880 utenti
    170 download settimanali
  • Foxdie

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    9.581 utenti
    127 download settimanali
  • Dark Orange Fox

    Dark theme for Firefox 4 - 21

    Web Tuts

    If you like the theme please consider making a small contribution by clicking the blue contribute button below!
    3.324 utenti
    125 download settimanali
  • Oxygen KDE

    Oxygen style for Firefox!

    Consistent and coherent integration with KDE!
    2.749 utenti
    116 download settimanali
  • Australis ReDesigned by Ansgar

    Design Theme for FireFox ( Beta and Aurora )
    Design by Ansgar

    Version for FF 30 and higher is online !

    Now for Thunderbird, look at:
    1.271 utenti
    109 download settimanali
  • MacOSX Theme

    MacOSX theme for Firefox 3.6
    3.049 utenti
    93 download settimanali
  • elementary Firefox

    Firefox for elementaryOS
    1.196 utenti
    83 download settimanali
  • Firefox 3 theme for Firefox 4+ Reloaded!

    Experience all the benefits of Firefox 4 (or later) with the colorful toolbar goodness of Firefox 3! This is one of the best themes, and it does not deserve to die. original theme and idea by: Jeremy Morton. Now with Australis support!
    2.124 utenti
    80 download settimanali
  • Foxdie (Graphite)

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    5.298 utenti
    71 download settimanali
  • Australis

    Based on a design by Stephen Horlander.
    1.285 utenti
    64 download settimanali
  • Aero Improved

    A mixture of the gray default theme and the default Aero theme, optimized for non-default Aero window colors.
    2.086 utenti
    54 download settimanali
  • Qute Classic

    A port of the classic Qute Firefox theme by Arvid Axelsson. This theme contains elements from the pre-1.0 version of Qute, mainly the larger toolbar buttons, and some other graphic updates from Firefox 2, 3, 3.5, and 3.6.
    3.036 utenti
    52 download settimanali
  • GTK+ Native

    Forces Firefox to conform to your platform's look and feel.
    598 utenti
    49 download settimanali
  • RedShift V3

    RedShift V3 will no longer be supported, please update to V4.
    See description for link or use the addon search.
    3.228 utenti
    48 download settimanali
  • Winestripe Realfox 4

    Realfox. The browser, reloaded, forever!

    This skin makes Firefox look like Firefox 1.5.
    1.125 utenti
    42 download settimanali