Integrazione OS

  • macfox II

    Now also for Mac!

    macfox II continues offering the clean look of Mac OS X Firefox for your PC - includes Aqua-style UI elements and enhancements. Clean, professional and elegant. Redesigned from the ground up on the Firefox 2.* framework, macfox II ...
    754 utenti
  • Neofox IE 6

    This theme gives the Look of Internet Explorer 6.0. Why Make Firefox Theme that looks like GNOME,Apple,Ubuntu,Vista and yes IE. Because we happen to like the look.. Also some School,Companies don't allow open source software. Some People are fans...
    158 utenti
  • Phoenity Aura

    Simple and sleek icons.
    347 utenti
  • Vista Nature

    A mix of Vista and XP themes for Firefox 3.
    288 utenti
  • Gold Steel

    A gold sleek theme

    Download Gold Steel version 1.3.1 fixes compatibility with Firefox 3.6
    92 utenti
  • Proto_Dust

    Proto_Dust theme for Firefox 3.0 to 3.6*.

    198 utenti
  • Crystalyx fr-FR

    Thème basé sur les icones Crystal d'Everaldo (


    65 utenti
  • Metro

    Firefox theme based on the Metro UI by Microsoft.
    81 utenti
  • ShineGUI 1.0

    A shiny bright metallic theme started from an opera theme.
    6 utenti
  • HaikuFox

    HaikuFox provides matching OS integration to BeOS users or anyone who appreciates a simple, uncluttered browser appearance. For Firefox 2.0 only. Watch for a new Haiku theme for 3.0 in the future.
    127 utenti
  • Vista Red

    A mix of Vista and XP strata themes for Firefox 3 in Red.
    118 utenti
  • Simpler Purple

    A simpler theme for Firefox in purple.
    100 utenti
  • Camiglass

    Squares of white glass.
    33 utenti
  • FX Go

    FX Go is a firefox theme designed by SilentAero. It is a simple yet elagant theme designed to be used without distraction.
    62 utenti
  • Saturated

    The original Firefox 2 theme, but with more vivid colours.
    94 utenti
  • My_buuf

    My_buuf v2.2 icon theme for Firefox v3.6 using buuf icons from mattahan (
    73 utenti