Integrazione OS

  • Australis-Designed_AR

    Design Theme for FireFox ( and Beta / Aurora )
    based on Australis Redesign
    1.090 utenti
  • iFox-Smaragd

    iFox theme with smaragd-green buttons and bars...
    155 utenti
  • GrApple Yummy

    Designed to fit well in the Mac OS X environment.
    745 utenti
  • XP on iMac

    XP Theme for the iMac. Uses the colorful toolbar icons from the XP version for the iMac. Otherwise this is the default iMac theme.
    48 utenti
  • Brisk

    Version 1 of Brisk
    287 utenti
  • Default Mod

    Firefox default theme minimum gray style. Only for Mac OSX.
    976 utenti
  • Adwaite

    GNOME 3 Adwaita theme OEM for Firefox
    117 utenti
  • Simpler Pink

    A simpler theme for Firefox in pink. Now with a much-needed update. :)
    180 utenti
  • The Bauhaus reloaded

    Warning : This theme was for Firefox 2 and won't be updated. Please use Strata Bauhaus instead : theme for Bauhaus' aficionados. It features Kandinsky's correspondence between the three elementary s...
    86 utenti
  • Gnome Classic

    Gnome icons integrated into FireFox thanks to The GNOME Project.
    261 utenti
  • StrataStripeStripe

    StrataStripe ( + more Winestripe (directory icons, tabs).
    25 utenti
  • RulerDark

    RulerDark is a simple to use and install dark theme for your Firefox browser.
    163 utenti
  • Maxthon2

    Мой первый скин на основе скина Maxthon 2.5.2
    (Skins based on the skin of Maxthon 2.5.2)
    38 utenti
  • macfox3

    A macfox II theme made usable in Firefox 3.0 and later. It looks like macfox II (maybe a bit worse), however it's based on ifox (and fairly modified).

    It is still developed but only as small fixes are needed. No huge changes are planned.
    669 utenti
  • Afterglow

    Colorful theme featuring's mascot
    618 utenti
  • Simpler Black

    A simpler theme for Firefox in black. Now with a much-needed update. :)
    158 utenti