• Walnut for Firefox

    Walnut for a wooden look and feel. Walnut is a complete skin redesign so that all windows, widgets, panels, and many extensions have a wooden look and feel.

    Install the About Home Themer extension to also theme the about:home page.
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  • Noia Fox

    Theme for Firefox and Thunderbird
    Based on Noia Iconpack by Carlitus (deviantART)

    Noia Fox options is here (small icons, square tabs,...).
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  • Walnut2 for Firefox

    Walnut2, based on icons from Includes support for help, inspector, downloadstatusbar, downloadmgr, calendar, quicknote, offline, toolbarext. and many other extensions. Install "About Home Themer" to also theme the about:home page.
    14.017 utenti
    517 download settimanali
  • Metal for Firefox

    Metal for Firefox, theme optimized for using your own background. Based on the Nautipolis/LittleFox framework.For all Firefox versions from 4.0. Check "Version Information" below for details. Check "Version Information" below!
    1.626 utenti
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  • BBB Bear Blue Baby

    Version pour la nouvelle interface Australis.BBB Bear Blue Baby pour Firefox 28 est ici.
    651 utenti
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  • Pink-bee

    Version pour la nouvelle interface Australis. Pink-bee pour Firefox 28 est ici.
    1.412 utenti
    74 download settimanali
  • Green-Fox

    Version pour la nouvelle interface Australis. Green-Fox pour Firefox 28 est ici.
    1.177 utenti
    46 download settimanali
  • Ecology

    Nouvelle version optimisée pour la nouvelle interface Australis.
    Un thème "Ecology" tout vert. Il est composé de larges icônes pour une navigation facile.
    2.142 utenti
    28 download settimanali
  • Mythical Sirens Summer Night

    mythical sirens summer night,
    feral beauty in a deep purple garden,
    blossoming to midnight fireworks
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  • Dragon scales firetext

    A Dragon scale theme with firetext for Firefox 3.0 to 3.5.*
    33 utenti
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  • Dragon scales

    A Dragon scale theme. For Firefox 3.0 to 3.5.*
    7 utenti
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  • springshine

    good morning :)
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  • Hawaii

    Hawaii maoli(indigenous) edition
    68 utenti
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  • Rainbow_Windmill_1.0

    Awesome Color Schematic.
    12 utenti
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  • Pink Paula ( PP )

    This is PP or Pink Paula. The theme changes Firefox user interface with a nice and light pink style. If you want to get more advanced Pink options, try the PPP version which is an extension. Seach for PPP.
    224 utenti
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  • flaminglow

    Variations of flamingo pink, red and orange.
    It will integrate with most extensions by default.
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