• macfox II

    Now also for Mac!

    macfox II continues offering the clean look of Mac OS X Firefox for your PC - includes Aqua-style UI elements and enhancements. Clean, professional and elegant. Redesigned from the ground up on the Firefox 2.* framework, macfox II ...
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  • White Fiber

    White Carbon Fiber Theme for those who want a little carbon fiber in their lives...
    10 utenti

    The new HEAVEN.CUBE for Firefox 3.5. This is a dark modern theme recommended for those with a correspondingly dark OS visual style. I have updated this theme to be Windows-compatible only. I will be releasing another theme specifically for the Mac.
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  • Orange Cool

    New orange theme for Fire Fox!
    93 utenti
  • NAVER Japan

    A clean theme based on
    241 utenti
  • Bluetacular

    Professional Style Extension.
    285 utenti
  • Brisk

    Version 1 of Brisk
    324 utenti
  • MetroFox

    it is based on Pseutro by SpewBoy and SoapyHamHocks
    26 utenti
  • Doodle Plastik

    A childish and colorful theme with menu icons, and a fresh look inspired by KDE's Plastik interface...
    253 utenti
  • BlackJapanMAX

    A simple, clean and streamlined theme. That Now Takes up less space, and has no more CSS...
    573 utenti
  • Dark Blue Fiber

    Dark Blue Carbon Fiber Theme for those who want a little carbon fiber in their lives...
    31 utenti
  • SKY

    Blue and white buttons.
    781 utenti
  • Strata Aero

    The default Firefox 3 theme for Vista, now for Windows XP too!
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  • Crystal Alloy Fusion - Blue

    A blue metal background with illuminated red buttons and accents. The colors go very well together, and the effect is an overall darker them with nice illuminating light effects.

    NOTE: I have fixed the multiple arrow issue some users were experienc...
    27 utenti
  • A Guru Mini

    It is in Silver-Gray, with black colorized Standard Buttons. This Theme replace the original blue Firefox 3 Layout. The theme developed specifically for guru of WEB, which don't like any colored features, and which want more worked space at browser.
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  • God of War III

    A tribute theme to God of War III.
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