• BlueQute

    This theme was originally based on the Qute theme designed by Arvid Axelsson. It was modified, to suit the Watercolor theme for WindowsXP (also fits the new Fedora Core 6 theme pretty well), or any blue based them on any OS for that...
    136 utenti
  • Lila 2.0

    Based on the Lila community project and the FF2 default...
    1 utente
  • Haddan Dark-Gold Theme
    33 utenti
  • road-sign

    road-sign theme using road-sign like...
    111 utenti
  • Miint

    A flat, small, green & gray Firefox theme.

    More details at
    365 utenti
  • Devious Green [updated]

    An updated version of the Devious Green theme that was based on the colour scheme of
    324 utenti
  • Blue2

    This is a port of Nate Zastrow's Blue to...
    12 utenti
  • ToonSkin

    A violet and grey cartoon theme for your favorite browser.
    46 utenti
  • S7 Airlines

    Официальная тема от S7 Airlines для вашего браузера
    925 utenti
  • phox

    A theme based on the great work done by e|vo's Brushed Theme and Denis Larousse's Aquafox...
    40 utenti
  • die Simpsons DER FILM

    Pünktlich zum Kinostart von "Die Simpsons – Der Film“ am 26. Juli kannst du dir ab jetzt das Simpsons-Theme für deinen Firefox herunterladen.
    241 utenti
  • HalloFF

    An orange, green and black theme with Jack Skellington thrown in to make a great Halloween theme.
    590 utenti
  • BF2fox

    Love Battlefield 2? You'll love BF2fox...
    31 utenti
  • VSTheme

    Changes the appearance of firefox to resemble visual studio
    109 utenti
  • OpenWorld2

    An OpenWorld icon...
    2 utenti
  • zblack

    A compact black and white theme.
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