• Simple White

    Paint your firefox white. Make it look simpler, nicer.

    For Beta users, please download the latest development version.
    40.344 utenti
  • Red Cats (blue flavor)

    There can never be too many cats! Turn your Firefox into Firecat and enjoy browsing in the furry company. The theme also comes in green flavor.
    11.367 utenti
  • Looks Familiar

    Looks familiar if you used Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP. Firefox 2 only.
    170 utenti
  • Simply Blue

    A refreshingly clean, compact theme combination for both Mozilla Firefox and its companion mailnews client, Thunderbird.

    NOTE: Earlier versions and theme customization instructions are available on my site.
    532 utenti
  • Strata Toolbar Icons for Firefox

    Strata Toolbar Icons for Firefox.
    355 utenti
  • Simpler Pink

    A simpler theme for Firefox in pink. Now with a much-needed update. :)
    171 utenti
  • MonoChrome

    A monochrome version of the default windows firefox 3-3.6.* theme, Strata.
    349 utenti
  • Color Toolbar Icons for Firefox

    Color Toolbar Icons for Firefox.
    862 utenti
  • PixelZilla

    A theme based on pixel art, which should not distract and pleasant to look...
    19 utenti
  • Smallstark

    Uses Small stark...
    14 utenti
  • Winestripe Realfox

    Realfox. the browser, reloaded, again!

    This skin makes Firefox 3 look like Firefox 1.5.
    139 utenti
  • SoCool

    SoCool theme for Firefox 3.5
    55 utenti
  • Winstripe Toolbar Icons for Firefox

    Winstripe Toolbar Icons for Firefox.
    340 utenti
  • Simpler Black

    A simpler theme for Firefox in black. Now with a much-needed update. :)
    161 utenti
  • ArzoFox

    Arzo theme for Firefox 3.5
    283 utenti

    Based off the Steam client from Valve
    329 utenti