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  • Tinseltown

    Tinseltown is a Christmas theme with holiday imagery including Christmas lights, snow, reindeer, presents and more. This theme is made even better with great Christmas icons from Watiworks and a semi-transparent URL bar. Get in the holiday spirit!
    2.985 utenti
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  • Firefox 2, the theme, reloaded

    The default Firefox 2 theme. Designed by Radiant Core.
    The power of the new Gecko engine with a good old Firefox 2 face.

    Issues with Firefox 29 on Windows? Please re-enable the title bar in the customization panel first (about:customizing).
    15.880 utenti
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  • Outlook 2003 Blue

    A Outlook 2003 Theme in Blue to give the feeling of the Office look and a better integration in the Luna Windows XP...
    1.019 utenti
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  • Metal Lion Australis Graphite

    Metal Lion meets Firefox Australis in a Graphite type way.
    5.409 utenti
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  • mx4

    Maxthon like theme for Firefox
    8.766 utenti
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  • MZ8 Firefox Windows 8 Theme

    Firefox Windows 8 Theme
    5.878 utenti
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  • LavaFox V2-Purple

    LavaFox - Purple version.
    A dark and hot theme for Firefox.
    Fully skinned and animated.
    20.860 utenti
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  • BlackFox V2-Blue

    BlackFox - Blue version.
    A dark and hot theme for Firefox.
    Fully skinned and animated.
    25.518 utenti
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  • Classic Compact

    A very compact & highly customizable theme that minimizes space consumed by menu & tool bars without hurting the overall usability. Supports Windows, Mac & Linux.
    136.535 utenti
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  • Walnut2 for Firefox

    Walnut2, based on icons from art.gnome.org. Includes support for help, inspector, downloadstatusbar, downloadmgr, calendar, quicknote, offline, toolbarext. and many other extensions. Install "About Home Themer" to also theme the about:home page.
    20.986 utenti
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  • MacOSX Theme (Firefox 4+)

    It is based on original firefox 4.0 Mac OS theme. MacOSX theme for firefox 3.x is at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/macosx-theme/
    12.527 utenti
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  • Red Cats (blue flavor)

    There can never be too many cats! Turn your Firefox into Firecat and enjoy browsing in the furry company. The theme is also available in green flavor. Version for Firefox 29+ (Australis) is pending approval and available at the Versions page.
    17.110 utenti
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  • FT GraphiteGlow

    Smooth graphite theme for Firefox
    29.359 utenti
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  • Littlefox for Firefox

    LittleFox, designed for optimal screen usage, leaving lots of room for browsing. Includes support for many extensions.

    Install the About Home Themer extension to also theme the about:home page.
    17.747 utenti
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  • Metal Lion Australis Tiger

    Metal Lion redesigns Firefox Australis..
    2.593 utenti
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  • Bloody Red theme pack

    Bloody Red for Firefox 4-23
    Home http://web-goodies.net/firefox/
    Tuts http://web-goodies.net/
    Sub-skins http://web-goodies.net/firefox/sub-skins/bloody-red-sub-skins
    20.244 utenti
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